AXOR Faucets


A brand of Hansgrohe SE, AXOR faucets are a product of Axor which specializes in designer faucets for bathrooms and kitchens. These faucets combine the acclaimed precision of German engineering and luxury to make your kitchen and bathroom a mini-show of plumbing excellence.

Axor focuses on luxury and aesthetic superiority to deliver experiences out of form and function, which appeals to people’s senses and touch. AXOR faucets offer an assortment of unique designer bathroom and kitchen faucets for a classy and luxurious finish to your kitchen and bathroom.

Construction of AXOR Faucets

AXOR faucets are designer and luxury faucets which range from traditional classics designs to modern. Every faucet seeks to be imperceptible yet still identified as an AXOR; they offer faucets unobtrusive in design yet at the same time conspicuous – a real symbiosis of design and function. AXOR faucets are made from the finest high-grade stainless steel.

AXOR bathroom faucets are mostly mounted on the deck, rim mount, wall mount or they are freestanding like the Hansgrohe tub filler.

The bridged AXOR faucet combines modern water technology and the classic old school faucet style to bring forth a breathtaking faucet. Centerset AXOR faucets are mostly found in kitchens. With the handle and spout in a single unit, they are typically mounted on a sink deck or a counter with three holes spaced between 3’’ and 6’’ apart.

Some of the most aesthetically appealing AXOR faucets come in the single handle design with one faucet and handle for controlling hot and cold water. They can be mounted on the sink deck or a countertop with one pre-drilled hole. Double handle AXOR faucets are also available like the Hansgrohe tub filler floor mount.

For those who like excesses, AXOR faucets come in the spread-fit design too. In this variation, there are multiple handles and faucets mounted on a deck. There is no standard design for spread-fit faucets so the owner can be as creative as possible with these faucets.

AXOR faucets are superfluous with water technology resulting from extensive research and development. QuickClean technology rids you of limescale residue thanks to flexible silicon nubs. AirPower technology ensures the water you come in contact with is air filled hence gentle on the skin. EcoSmart technology is a water saving technology that enables the faucets to use up to 60% less water than conventional faucets. ComfortZone technology, on the other hand, defines the space between the washbasin and faucet according to individual specifications. With all these in mind, it is advisable to get an expert from AXOR to fit in and install all your AXOR faucets.

Design, Shapes and Sizes of AXOR Faucets

Since AXOR faucets are avant-garde and individually unique, they come in literally all shapes and sizes and are available for every bathroom and kitchen.

AXOR kitchen and bathroom faucets are categorized in collections. For instance, AXOR Starck Organic is a collection of bathroom faucets.

AXOR kitchen faucets and mixers, for the most part, have swivel spouts. Fixed spout faucets are also available.

While the standard swing AXOR faucets are a staple in bathrooms and kitchen, they are quickly being faced out by newer more technologically astute AXOR faucets.

The richest offerings of the AXOR faucets are the gooseneck and wok filler spout faucets. Wok filler spouts resemble the standard swing, but the spouts are thinner, longer and more angular like the Hansgrohe roman tub faucet. A gooseneck spout is a high standing spout with an inverted u-shape. A popular choice for both the bathroom and the kitchen, they dominate most of AXOR’s faucet catalogs and collections, for instance, the AXOR Citterio line is exclusively for gooseneck and wok filler spout faucets.

AXOR faucets come in a plethora of finishes like alpine white, brushed black chrome, chrome, brushed nickel, brushed gold optic and many more.

Cleaning and Maintenance of AXOR Faucets.

Since they are made from high-grade stainless steel, cleaning and maintenance is a walk in the park for AXOR faucets. Cleaning should be regularly done to keep the faucets shiny as ever. The finish of your faucet should guide you on the cleaning agent.

Intricate in design, superior in quality and equipped with perfect precision, AXOR faucets feature their distinct designs that leave a unique mark in your home.

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