For most style-conscious homeowners, having a bathtub at home is a must. Maax tubs offer minimalist, beautiful and quality tubs to groom your bath. Whether it’s for first time installation, renovation or remodeling, Maax tubs come in handy for any of these activities and leave your bath looking neat and fresh.

Away from their eye-catching look and beauty, Maax tubs also provide an unforgettable bathing experience. What beats a restorative bath anyway? How about supplementing it with your favorite color? You guessed right! Maax tubs combine the power of a soothing bath and color effect. Most Maax bathtubs are freestanding tubs with a glossy deck space to help you enjoy your evening bath and forget all troubles.

Maax Tubs by their Installation Type

As earlier mentioned, most of the Maax tubs are freestanding tubs. These are stand-alone tubs that can be placed anywhere in your bath. They are the centerpiece of your bath and therefore create a focal point in your bath. They are also easy to install as they can be comfortably moved to different spots of your bathroom.

Alcove Maax tubs are also available for those who want to try a slightly different style. These tubs are installed between three walls and often have a tiling flange. The tiling flange is well integrated with the skirt to provide a unique look. These tubs are also likable as they offer maximum bathing well to lounge. These tubs also come with an integrated armrest and a comfortable backrest for a refreshing bath session.

Corner tubs are installed between two walls to create a spacious bath area which brings an open-area feeling. Most corner Maax tubs come with an integrated armrest to provide comfort for the arms. Their design also provides a deck space for installation of the faucet. It’s not uncommon to find Maax tubs designed with a therapy system available.

Drop-in Maax tubs are installed in a hole or on a podium. These tubs give a fully customized look to satisfy a homeowner’s needs and taste. Undermount tubs are installed beneath a solid podium to provide an understated but modern look. Wall-mounted Maax tubs are mounted on one wall, with the other three sides finished using a well-polished material.

Material, Shape and Sizes of Maax Tubs

Most Maax tubs are made of acrylic material. These tubs are therefore stain-resistant and easy to clean. Some Maax tubs are made of fiberglass material which is integrated with the acrylic material to give a long-lasting bathtub.

Maax tubs are available in different shapes. You can get yourself an oval Maax whirlpool with a curved and comfortable backrest to experience a relaxing bath. Rectangular shapes are also common, especially for corner tubs, alcove, and wall-mounted tubs.

Maax tubs are ideal for installation in both small and large bath spaces. Small Maax tubs can measure 60” x 30” x 18” while large ones could measure up to 72” x 42” x 24”. These dimensions are perfect for a Maax soaking tub to give maximum bathing well necessary for a long and rejuvenating soak.  

Maax Tubs for Various Therapies

Maax tubs are designed in different ways and using different technologies. This results in various tubs, capable of offering different therapies to a bather. Maax tubs can be integrated with state-of-the-art jets to ripple air jets lightly across your body for a relaxing bath.  

Maax tubs can also be designed with whirlpool systems to offer a sensational bath needed to improve your general well-being. The wide range of water massage systems is essential for providing you with a soothing massage to specific body muscles.  

Integration of Maax Tubs and Lighting Systems

Ever heard of chromotherapy? If not, you might be wondering how it is related to bathtubs. Colors are capable of radiating light energy through vibrations. Chromotherapy harnesses the ability of these vibrations to influence moods, emotions, and the general well-being depending on the chosen color.

Lighting systems are often fitted above Maax tubs to provide differently-colored light. For instance, blue light helps you relax while green helps calm your mind. This helps calm the mind and reduce stress. Combining the color therapy and the bathing experience delivers benefits that surpass those of water alone.

With so much detail to the design of Maax tubs, you have an array of tubs to choose from when equipping your bath. The combination of glamour, functionality, and the latest technology makes Maax tubs an excellent choice for homeowners.

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