Alfi Brand Faucets


Alfi faucets are something of pure beauty and innovation. They get their name from a brand, Alfi, that’s all about combining functionality and luxury to create mind-blowing faucet designs.

These faucets cut across all themes. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your kitchen or something to complete the look of your newly remodeled bathroom, an Alfi faucet is just it.

Construction of Alfi Faucets

Alfi faucets are made using either brass or good quality grade 304 Stainless steel. Once you buy a brass Alfi faucet, it might be the last faucet you need as they are durable. Also, they are highly recommended for hard water areas due to their corrosion resistance capabilities, and they blend excellently with vintage-themed baths or kitchen.

Steel is hard and has a higher melting point. It contains no lead deposits which are considered a health hazard, especially to babies and growing children. Steel is corrosion and rust resistant, and possesses antibacterial properties making it ideal for long-term maintenance of the faucets.

An Alfi faucet has a height of about 3 to 16 inches with the spout heights ranging from 2 to 16 inches depending on the overall design of the faucet. Pre-rinse Alfi kitchen faucets have an arched spout in either a curved or goose neck form and a high-pressure spray nozzle.

Pull-out faucets have a long hose with the head pulling towards you while the pull-down has a shorter tube that pulls straight down into the sink. The retractable nature of these two makes them fully functional pot fillers. When not in use, you can easily fold and tuck your retractable faucet.

Single-handle Alfi faucets have only one lever handle that controls the water pressure and temperature. The dual-handled faucet has two separate handles and usually has the hot or cold option: one handle for hot water and the other for cold. Some Alfi faucets come with a swiveling radius of either 180 or 360 degrees giving the faucets added flexibility and a broader reach of the sinks and tubs.

Designs, Shapes and Sizes of Alfi Faucets

The LEON kitchen series faucets by Alfi brand are exclusively made from the highest quality Stainless steel. They are aesthetically pleasing and designed to satisfy varying kitchen needs as well as offer strength and durability. This series has all types of faucets ranging from fully functioning retractable pot fillers to faucets with a drinking water spout. LEON faucets by Alfi are available in either polished Stainless steel that gives a shiny and reflective finish or brushed stainless steel if you are aiming for a laid-back look.

Bathroom Alfi faucets collections are mainly made from brass and can either be widespread or single hole depending on the number of holes on the sink or tub. The faucets are mounted on the walls depending on the water line and tub position.

The shapes of Alfi faucets vary depending on the design inspiration. Some have curvy lines and are the perfect addition to a traditional bathroom. The modern and contemporary style of faucets have straight, or waterfall spouts giving intricacy and class.

Alfi faucets come as either deck mount or wall mount faucets. The deck mount Alfi faucets have the spout, and two handles widespread and are designed to fit sinks and tubs with three holes measuring 8 to 16 inches from each other. A wall mount faucet is ideal for a vessel or under-mount sink.

The styles of handles available include the cube, knob, and lever. The cube is a modern variation of the vintage knob having a cubic structure that rotates clockwise or anti-clockwise. The lever handle adds a simplistic vibe to the bathroom or kitchen, and all you have to do is lift it up or down to either allow or pause water flow.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Alfi Faucets

Maintaining the faucet’s luster and shine ensures it lasts longer. Use a microfiber cloth to clean any residue like toothpaste and soaps. It helps keep the stainless steel Alfi faucet as good as new.

As well as being visually appealing, Alfi faucets are easy to clean and install and fit the aesthetic of any bathroom. With their carefully crafted designs, they effortlessly add luxury to your home. Take your time and enjoy exploring the numerous models of Alfi faucets.

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