Drop In Tubs


Drop in tubs are appealing to most homeowners. Their versatility in design options makes them likable and are therefore prominent in many baths. For that upscale look of your bathroom, drop in tubs are an excellent choice. They feature a self-trimming edge and are installed by being ‘dropped’ into a platform.

Drop in tubs are versatile as they can be installed in different locations of your bath. The platform into which they are installed gives unlimited design options to provide a look that blends well with the rest of your bathroom. These bathtubs are primarily tub shells and therefore allow for limitless designs for the surround and deck. What’s more, they can be customized to suit your design tastes.

Designs and Styles to Match Drop in Tubs

Most drop in tubs will have a well-finished rim and can, therefore, fit right into the custom surround or deck. Rimmed drop in tubs have finished edges that fit into the deck. Undermount drop in tubs offer your bath a sleeker and continuous look. They are designed for floor-level installation. The lip of the tub is covered by different flooring materials such as tile covers. These, especially, give your bath a seamless look. The tile covers run to the edge of the tub so you can step right into the bathtub.

The design ideas to go with drop in tubs are endless. You can try out different styles and designs, especially with the skirt and front. Matching the front or skirt of the bathtub with the flooring gives a seamless and free-floating look. For a more adventurous style and look, you can cover the skirt with wood paneling to match the cabinets and drawers for a traditional and dressier look.

With a drop in tub, wood paneling beats stone or tile in bringing out that natural and casual feel. For large and grand drop in tubs, tile or polished stone slabs give them the perfect surrounding.

Shapes and Sizes of Drop in Tubs

Different shapes of drop in tubs can be installed in the bathroom depending on the availability of space and user’s preference. Corner tubs installed as drop in tubs are traditional in their function and practicality. The shape is a classic and is suitable for any bath. Corner tubs usually have features such as dual backrests to for back support. Some will also have dual molded armrests with elbow support and an additional accessory deck in their design. Most corner drop in tubs will have a length of 60 inches, a width of up to 85 inches and a depth of 19 inches.

Hourglass shaped drop in tubs are perfect for any bathroom. These bathtubs have wide sloped backrest and may also come with built-in armrests and pillow. These tubs are mainly white, but biscuit is also available for those looking to deviate from the norm. Large hourglass shaped drop in tubs can measure as up to 72” x 48” x 23”. Such tubs can handle 65 gallons of water to give you a deep soak after a long day.

Oval drop in tubs give your bathroom a subtle and versatile style. They are sophisticated in their style, often understated but they complement most of the bath’s motifs. Most oval drop in tubs are neither overly large nor deep. They usually have standard measurements as compared to other shapes.

Rectangular drop in tubs are also popular with homeowners. This shape is considered traditional but also offers a transitional style to your bathroom. What’s more, this shape accommodates all the tub fixtures and fittings.

Material Makeup and Cleaning of Drop in Tubs

Drop in tubs could be made of any material. It all goes down to what material you prefer. Some drop in tubs are made of high-gloss acrylic, often reinforced with fiberglass for durability. Purely fiberglass drop in tubs are also preferred by homeowners for their distinctive features.

Cast iron is also another common material in the production of drop in tubs. These tubs are specially made lighter and might even feature a glossy-porcelain finish. Cast iron drop in tubs are also preferred as they go well with any finish and polish. Cleaning of these tubs entirely depends on the kind of material. Fiberglass, acrylic and porcelain drop in tubs should be cleaned using soft clothing as opposed to using abrasive brushes. This ensures an ever-sparkling bathtub and longer life. 

Drop in tubs are a good blend of traditional design and modern styling of the bathroom. Their shape, size and installation type features also provide options to choose from. The ease of cleaning and elegance makes them the perfect choice for your bath.

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