Giagni Tubs


Nothing else possesses impressive qualities quite like Giagni tubs. Be it style, grandeur, functionality, quality, name it; these tubs have got it covered. Giagni tubs trace their existence from Giagni an American family-owned business, Giagni, that deals with luxurious, durable bathroom and kitchen accessories.

Giagni tubs come in a limited number of models each uniquely designed to meet the most exacting requirements of the homeowners. The tubs complement a wide range of bathroom styles and being freestanding, offer easy installation.

Construction of Giagni Tubs

The dimensions of Giagni tubs vary with the smallest being 57” long and the largest 72”. All the tubs are made from a quality, high-gloss, stain resistant acrylic material to help the tubs retain their beauty through years of daily use. A structural composite is added between the layers of acrylic for added strength, rigidity and impressive heat retention. The tubs are constructed with a slip-resistant bottom for extra safety, especially, when stepping into the tub.

All Giagni tubs are freestanding tubs with the majority being clawfoot tubs. These tubs are the ultimate classic fitting perfectly in traditional style bathrooms. The feet options available are the ball and claw feet or the cannonball feet. The other types of freestanding tubs available include the pedestal tub that sits on a plinth making it a focal centerpiece in a transitional style bathroom and the wood cradled freestanding tub oozing of sophistication.

All Giagni tubs are constructed with overflow features that keep water from accidentally spilling out over the tub and flooding the area. Before deciding on a tub, carefully measure the placement area and consider the plumbing lines. You can never go wrong with a Giagni faucet as the accompanying tub filler. For the DIYers, good news, Giagni tubs have an installation manual eliminating the need for a specialist.

Designs, Shapes and Sizes of Giagni Tubs

Giagni brand tubs come in 8 different models each bearing unique designs and specifications. The slipper tub models are the Hawthorne and Newton Giagni tubs. The Hawthorne clawfoot tub is perfect for Victorian themed bathrooms with one of its sides gently sloped for a comfortable resting position. Newton clawfoot tub is slightly more profound than the Hawthorne allowing for full body immersion. It has a vintage style fitting seamlessly into an old age style bathroom.

For the roll top clawfoot design, the models are Augusta and Brighton tubs. These tubs have one end rounded and the other reasonably flat to give an old-school simplistic look. The Augusta Giagni tub measures 54” long enabling it to fit in small corners and spaces in general. The Brighton, on the other hand, is the soaker tub variation of these models.

Double-ended Giagni tubs are the Portsmouth and Wescott pedestal tubs. These tubs have both their ends evenly rounded and stand on a fluted base for a look that is not too over the top. Ideal for a two-person bath, the Wescott Giagni tub is the longest measuring at 72”.

Regarding shape, we have the Capri oval and the Tella rectangle freestanding tub. The Capri oval freestanding tub complements a traditional or country style with their graciously curved forms and clean lines done to perfection. The Tella Giagni tub, on the other hand, has a minimalist design perfect for modern homes. It comes either cradled in wood, positioned on the wood base or standing on gleaming metal feet.

Giagni tubs are available in either white or bisque. The finishes available are Brushed Nickel for a laid-back vibe, the glossy Polished Chrome and for an old school look, oil rubbed Bronze.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Giagni Tubs

Acrylic is non-porous, scratch resistant and easy to clean meaning Giagni tubs retain their shiny coating for ages. It is wise to keep the tubs dry to keep annoying mildew at bay.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners and placing any objects like soap and shampoo bottles on the finish as they can easily damage the finish. Ensure that the drains are fitted tightly to prevent spillage.

Giagni brand tubs are designed to accommodate the vintage enthusiasts, modernists, and the in-betweeners. Whether you’re looking to remodel your home or in search of a masterpiece for your new bathroom, why not give Giagni tubs a try?

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