Hansgrohe Faucets


Hansgrohe tub fillers are yet another stellar offering from the German sanitary fittings manufacturer Hansgrohe. Tub fillers are plumbing accouterments that deliver water to the tub. These titular fillers combine superior German engineering with peak metallurgic craftsmanship to give an end product teeming with plumbing elegance and brilliance.

At your behest, Hansgrohe offers these fillers in the exposed and concealed variety. The idea is that the faucets should add the aesthetics of the tub. Concealed means that the filling is mounted on a deck proximate to the tub while exposed is akin to free standing faucets standing on metal legs.

Construction of Hansgrohe Tub Fillers

Hansgrohe offers tub fillers in three variations namely wall mount, floor mount and deck mount tub fillers. The company makes its fillers from brass or stainless steel. Wall mount tub fillers as aptly named are faucets mounted on a wall typically paired with wall mounted tubs for instance enclave tubs.

The valve, being the central working part of the filler, is usually enclosed in the wall. The valve diverter directs the water to either the shower or the faucet. The valve handle should be at a convenient height for both children and adults to operate. Also, the length of this faucet enables it to be used on freestanding tubs. The wall requires finishing after installing wall mount tub fillers. A variation offered by Hansgrohe is the ceiling mount tub fillers.

In the case of a deck mounted Hansgrohe tub faucet, the handles and spouts are installed either through a single hole or a couple of them. The same is also applicable for wall mounted tub fillers. As was the case in the wall mount fillers, the valve is enclosed in the tub deck. The faucets supplying hot and cold water can be the same one or separated. The faucet spouts in deck mount tub fillers are either slip on or threaded.

Hansgrohe Roman tub faucets are among the most notable variation of the deck mount tubs and for a good reason too. They offer endless elegance that is requiem to the faucets in ancient Roman fountains.

Floor mount tub fillers are freestanding tub fillers mounted on the floor. They are a staple for freestanding tubs. These fillers offer the craftsman the most creative liberty which explains their aggrandized appearance. These fillers can come with hand showers or without. Most freestanding tub fillers provided by Hansgrohe ideally stand at 38 inches or more which is the ideal height. The flow rate of each Hansgrohe tub filler is indicated on the filler's valve.

Unless specified otherwise by either the manufacturer or a certified plumber, most of the bathtub faucets by Hansgrohe should be connected by a ¾ inch water supply pipe rather than the standard half inch pipe. The reason for this is reduced fill time.

Design, Shapes and Sizes Hansgrohe Tub Fillers

Hansgrohe offers tub fillers glut of shapes sizes and designs. They come with a variety of technological innovations that are synonymous with German efficiency. The innovations are Comfort Zone: which will help the customer set the faucet to their optimum personal customizations; QuickClean: which is an instant dirt and limescale removal technology for efficient faucet cleaning archived by the silicon nozzles and EcoRight: a technology fitted in Hansgrohe faucets to reduce water usage by up to 60%.

Depending on the number of handles and faucets, Hansgrohe offers a variety from Hansgrohe single hole faucet like the Metric C Single-hole Faucet 100 to the four holes PuraVida 4-Hole Roman Tub Set Trim.

While Hansgrohe fillers are exclusively made from brass or stainless steel, they are available in chrome, brushed nickel, steel optic, polished nickel and rubbed bronze finishes.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Hansgrohe Fillers

Hansgrohe tub fillers are some of the most durable in the market. White vinegar will work best on Hansgrohe faucets. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar, attach it on the faucet for an hour then drain the faucet. Cleaning should be done regularly. The QuickClean technology comes in handy at this stage. 

Hansgrohe tub fillers are the convergence of superior German engineering and classical European industrial elegance. They are an excellent addition to any washing quarters that will distinguish one as a man of distinct taste.