Atlantis Whirlpools


Atlantis whirlpools are jetted tubs having different designs to match a customer’s need. These tubs have jets and recirculating pumps that give a hydro-therapeutic bath session. Atlantis whirlpools are crafted to provide a soft and comforting or a vigorous massage. You definitely want a relaxing massage after a long day’s work, right?

With these whirlpools, jets are positioned strategically to direct warm water to the hard-to-reach areas of your body. These include the upper and lower back, shoulders, and legs. The water jetted by these whirlpools is essential in massaging your body. What’s more, each massage jet can be opened and closed individually to target a specific part of the body. To open a jet, you need to rotate the jet nozzle counterclockwise and rotate it clockwise to close.

With the different designs of the Atlantis whirlpools, be sure to add both glamour and functionality to your bath.

Construction and Material Composition

Most whirlpools will have acrylic as the primary construction material. This material is, however, reinforced using fiberglass material placed underneath vacuum molded sheets of acrylic. The acrylic whirlpools are well polished to give a high gloss white finish. They acrylic construction gives these whirlpools a non-porous surface that makes them easy to clean and sanitize.

Acrylic whirlpools are built for endurance, such that gloss stays glossy and white stays white. The color does not fade, and the tough acrylic surface resists any blistering, chipping and cracking. The strong and durable proprietary fiberglass-resin layer offers the structural integrity of the whirlpool.

Acrylic Atlantis whirlpools are designed for everyday use by people who love amazing designs and simple upkeep. Besides easy cleaning and sanitizing, scratches on these tubs can easily be buffed out.

Atlantis whirlpools can also be made from solid surface materials. These are whirlpools that are handcrafted and made from a composite material comprising minerals derived from stone. The natural minerals in the stone are blended with resin to produce a composite material that is durable and beautiful as well. These whirlpools provide exceptional resilience, strength, and beauty.

The solid surface Atlantis whirlpools are boldly shaped and have a non-porous and easy-to-clean finish capable of resisting bacteria and stains. Their gloss or matte white finish ensures that your whirlpool remains velvety-smooth throughout its years of use.

Jet Placement and Power

Most bathers want the water to move in a natural whirlpool fashion, where the water spins around the tub. This effect can be achieved perfectly by having six jets fitted on the whirlpool; three on either side.

Bathers looking for a massage for different muscle have to consider the jet placement when purchasing a whirlpool. For a leg and hips massage, the whirlpool should have side jets to ensure that the legs and hips are well-reached by the water jets.

For bathers interested in a foot massage, the perfect whirlpool for them should have jets placed at drain end or the center for a center drain bathtub. The first and second set of back jets can also be used for a foot massage by a single bather. People who suffer from backaches often require a back massage which is provided for by back jets to relief the pain.

Jet power determines the type of massage a bather gets. This could be a vigorous massage or a softer massage. The jet power is determined by the whirlpool’s motor, whose power is divided between all jets. A small motor can comfortably handle six jets to give a softer massage. A more powerful motor can handle up to twelve jets and still provide rapid water movement to give a vigorous massage.

Designs of Atlantis Whirlpools

Atlantis whirlpools come in many designs and shapes. Freestanding tubs are the most common whirlpools. They are meant to be displayed and serve as a focal point of your bath rather than being placed in a corner. It is meant to add a touch of character to your bathroom.

Boutique collection whirlpools are crafted for people with an aesthetic conscious. Their cutting-edge design gives the feel and look of molded stone. Drop-in whirlpools are well positioned in a hole cut to match the tub’s size. They provide a perfect armrest area when bathing.

Atlantis whirlpools have earned recognition for their pristine quality and unique design over the years. Their exquisite style and functionality leave the bather with an experience to remember. What’s more, their durable material ensures that you enjoy the experience for years to come.

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