Corner Jacuzzi Tubs


Corner jacuzzi tubs are perfect for backing yourself away from the rest of the bathroom’s space. The corner of your bath can be your favorite spot in your bathroom, giving you a good view of the space as enjoy your bath. Whether it’s the awkward layout of your bath, the limited space, or just looking for something different, a corner jacuzzi tub gives you options. Often, the weirdly-shaped walls of your bathroom present the opportunity for an awesome corner jacuzzi tub. Didn’t know your bathroom had as much potential? Well, now you know.

Corner jacuzzi tubs easily work their magic in any bathroom: angled bathrooms, tiny bathrooms, spacious bathrooms and even straight bathrooms. Corner jacuzzi tubs are mostly three or five-sided but can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations.

Materials for Corner Jacuzzi Tubs’ Construction

The luxury of a tub depends on the style, design, and more so the material used in the construction. Solid surface material is one material widely used in the construction of corner jacuzzi tubs. These tubs are sculpted from stone excavated from mines. Natural minerals in the stone are blended with resin to produce a material that is as beautiful as it is durable. This material produces jacuzzi tubs that are exceptionally strong, beautiful and resilient.

Acrylic material is specially used in crafting corner jacuzzi tubs that hardly fade. Your small corner jacuzzi tub will resist cracking and chipping for a long time to maintain its glossy look. These tubs are also non-porous to ensure that water doesn’t sip through the tub. Corner jacuzzi tubs often have a strong fiberglass-resin layer purposely for structural integrity. The acrylic material is perfect for everyday use tubs for their easy care.

Sizes of Corner Jacuzzi Tubs

Corner jacuzzi tubs are available in a variety of sizes and depth to suit any bathroom space. These tubs typically range from 42 inches to 76 inches in length. Due to the wide nature of the corner, the width of these tubs may range from 31 inches to 83 inches. The depth of these tubs also differs, which results in shallow and deep corner jacuzzi tubs. Shallow ones can measure 17 inches while deep ones can measure 29 inches, making them ideal for soaking baths. A 2 person corner tub will usually be long and wide to accommodate two people comfortably.

Features of Corner Jacuzzi Tubs

Corner jacuzzi tubs have many features so that they can serve many purposes in your bathroom. Soaking corner jacuzzi tubs are deeper than the standard tubs so that the bather can relax as they enjoy that submerged bath.

Whirlpool corner jacuzzi tubs have high-pressure water jets and are specially create a swirling movement of water purposely for the massaging of body muscles to relieve pains and aches. These tubs can be fitted with several jets as desired by the homeowner to regulate the water movement and dictate the kind of massage. Corner whirlpool tubs with many water jets are perfect for vigorous massages while fewer jets give a soft massage to targeted body muscles.

Corner air bathtubs also have jets that direct heated air to specific body muscles. The hot air rises in bubbles from the jets to the body muscles such as the hips to deliver a revitalizing and low-pressure massage. Corner jacuzzi tubs can also be a combination of air and water whirlpool tubs where water and effervescent air is directed from the jets simultaneously to give the combined benefits of the two. They can also be used independently according to the liking of the bather.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Corner Jacuzzi Tubs

Since most of these tubs are made of solid surface and acrylic material, the homeowner is presented with an easy cleaning session of the tub. By using mild cleaning solutions and a soft cloth, you can easily wipe off grease and other impurities from the tub’s surface.

Vinegar is antibacterial and is often used in the cleaning process of these tubs to eliminate any bacteria from the surface of the tubs. Use of abrasive solutions and brushes to clean these tubs should be avoided. This is because they damage the tubs’ surface through scratching.

Corner jacuzzi tubs free up the bathroom space, leaving more space in the center of that bathroom. For the large corner jacuzzi tubs, they provide more space for bathing. What’s more, corner jacuzzi tubs are visually interesting and break the norm of the linear bathroom layout.