Round Tubs


Round tubs are as pleasing to the eye as they are to soak in. Their striking visual appeal brings mesmerizing modern elegance to any bathroom. In addition to softening the bold lines of a room, a round tub is often used to mirror other round forms in the spaces they are placed in.

From a rustic-modern to country style bathroom, round tubs make the perfect mouth-gaping centerpieces. The tubs take different designs and are ever evolving to accommodate the infinite user needs and preferences.

Construction of Round Tubs

Round tubs vary in diameter having an average soaking depth of 16 to 21 inches. Round tubs make the perfect soaking tubs and can be constructed to fit two or more people comfortably. Case in point, a round Jacuzzi tub.

Old world round tubs are majorly made from cast iron and finished in Porcelain. Another popular variation is hammered copper that gives the tub an extra dose of elegance and stone which is lighter but a poor heat retainer. Cast iron and copper round tubs are massive and need additional floor support. Preferably, consider placing these tubs on the ground floor.

Acrylic is the most preferred material for modern round tubs. This is because they are light, excellent heat retainers, durable, scratch resistant and available in a wide range of colors and finishes. The other material options include fiberglass, solid surface, resin, and wood among others.

Ergonomic round tubs have been introduced to the market to offer the ultimate relaxation experience. These tubs feature body-cradling shapes, moldings, backrests, armrests and ledges for setting out toiletries. These tubs come fitted with technology. From Bluetooth, aromatherapy and chromotherapy to hydromassage jets, digital stereo sounds, inline heaters and a touch-sensitive control panel or remote control to operate these features.

A majority of round tubs are constructed with overflows and drains to keep water from accidentally spilling out over the tub and flooding the area. Others are built to be ADA compliant catering to the needs of the disabled.

Designs, Shapes and Sizes

Freestanding round tubs designs are plenty. Clawfoot freestanding round tubs are magnificently and royally crafted to add class, charm, and romance to any bathroom. The feet options for these tubs include the lion or bear claws. They provide minimal contact with the heat absorbing material like floors or even walls hence longer heat retention. Contemporary round tubs have feet in the form of curves, balls, and squares.

Pedestal round tubs are the perfect blend of old world and progressive designs using a plinth for a raised look. Freestanding tubs that rest on their bases are a popular choice among people who prefer a minimalist décor. Round soaking tubs are more in-depth than the regular tubs to allow full-body immersion with the Japanese round soaking tub featuring an even thicker and cozier design.

Round whirlpool and air tubs are perfect for that home spa heaven offering an impressive blend of comfort and dreamy designs. These tubs use jets of air or water to gently massage the body while providing therapeutic and health benefits at the same time.

For a simplistic look, most round tubs have a flat top to maintain their symmetrical circular shape. However, rare variations of the single and double slipper round tubs exist. These tubs have either one or both of their sides raised to offer a more comfortable lounging position.

Round tubs, especially acrylic round tubs, offer a wide range of colors and finishes that include gold, black, antique bronze, brass metallic, white, polished chrome, and satin nickel, among others. Choose colors and finishes that complement the rest of the bathroom.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Round Tubs

While most of the maintenance needs are specific to the material used to make the tub, soaker tubs are generally cleaned using an all-purpose tub cleaner. Scrubbing is done by a non-abrasive cloth to avoid chipping or scratching the surface.

Non-porous surfaces of Acrylic and fiberglass round tubs makes them easy to clean and sanitize. Periodic refinishing of old double ended bathtubs is vital to them remaining as good as new. 

Choosing the right tub for your home is a critical decision. With this in mind, round tubs are an excellent choice as they effortlessly accentuate bathing areas.

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