Rectangular Tubs


Beautifying the bathroom is a priority for most homeowners. Therefore, selecting a bathtub that well suits your style and preference is key. Deciding on the right bathtub to equip your bathroom with may depend on several factors. These factors could include designs and styles of the bathtub. In a nutshell, the outward appearance of a bathtub should be a major consideration when selecting one. For most homeowners, the technical aspects of a bathtub are least considered, or not considered at all.

Shapes of bathtubs are also essential in serving different purposes and providing a different look of the bath. For those who like to preserve the traditional style and design of the bathroom, rectangular tubs are the perfect pick.

Types of Rectangular Tubs

Rectangular tubs have personalities. A rectangular freestanding tub boldly occupies a favored position in your bath. Drop-in, alcove, and corner tubs are often constructed in rectangular shapes and thus easily nestled against the walls easily. This way, they are well integrated into the overall bathroom scheme.

3-wall alcove tubs, which are rectangular, are the most preferred bathtubs for bathrooms with large space. Their ends are usually sandwiched between walls or a cabinet. Wall-mounted showers often accompany these tubs.

Drop-in tubs can easily be molded into rectangular shapes. They are fitted into an edged enclosure, in this case, a rectangular one. They have a fantastic finished to match your bathroom tiles and cabinets to give your bathroom an exquisite look.

Undermounts are bathtubs that also go well with a rectangular shape. They are drop-in tubs that are intended for floor-level installation. Their flooring, whether tile or stone, covers the bathtub’s lip.

Corner tubs can also be rectangular, and often are. They are alternatives to drop-in and alcove designs. The large squarish proportions of corner tubs make them conducive for bathing by two. Freestanding tubs that are rectangular are well sculpted and often sit on a solid and strong base.

It’s not uncommon to find rectangular clawfoot tubs. These, especially invoke the images of the grand Elizabethan soaking era. The era’s signature legs are purposely meant for supporting deep soaking tubs. Rectangular slipper tubs include a characteristic high back in their design to support the neck and head amply.

Materials Molded into Rectangular Shapes

Tubs taking rectangular shapes can be made from different materials. Most of these materials are available in all styles.

Acrylic and fiberglass materials are the most common materials that are molded into different shapes, including rectangular ones. These materials, therefore, produce tubs that are readily available. They also come with different colors since these tubs are easily polished and customized.

Cast iron can also be molded into rectangular tubs. What’s more, an enamel finish on this material offers many colors. Rectangular tubs made of cast iron are particularly loved for their heat-retention qualities. They ensure that your bath water stays warm for longer periods as compared to other materials, making them ideal for soaking tubs.

Rectangular tubs made of copper give the ultimate bathroom couture. Enameled steel bathtubs are also liked for their good reputation of toughness. These tubs are, therefore, resistant to staining and scratching. Rectangular tubs made of this material also give the owner to limitless color choices.

Stone and wood are also materials that can easily be crafted into rectangular shapes. It is possible to have your tub carved from a block of stone, be it limestone, travertine or other natural stones. Wood can also be used to craft rectangular tubs. The wood could be laminated pear, walnut, mahogany or any other wood so long as it is of high aesthetic value.

Sizes of Rectangular Tubs

Rectangular tubs range from small to large depending on the intended use. Freestanding soaking bathtubs are usually large to give the bather comfort. They can measure up to 72 inches in length. Oval tubs, whirlpools, and corner tubs are mid-sized, being about 60 inches in length. Small sized rectangular tubs measure 54 inches and could be 15 inches deep, making them unfavorable for soaking baths.

For the vintage look and traditional style of your bath, a rectangular tub can deliver beyond your expectations. Whether you are remodeling or installing your tub for the first time, rectangular tubs are perfect for any bathroom.