Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot Tubs

Going for a more vintage and luxurious look of your bathroom? Clawfoot tubs are the answer. With its retro aesthetic and embellishments done to perfection, it’s hard to take your eyes off a clawfoot tub whenever you are shopping for one.

A clawfoot tub is just as the name suggests: a freestanding tub resting on four feet. Clawfoot tubs are simply put the ultimate classic. With their timeless elegance, they never go out of style. Also, they are incredibly versatile and have a wide range of design schemes.

Construction of Clawfoot Tubs

big clawfoot tub
Clawfoot tubs
are usually generally larger than the standard bathtub allowing your body to be fully submerged for maximum comfort. Their standard size is 60” to 67” long, 30” wide and 24” long but with newer introductions and design variations, the tub sizes vary even though the style and luxurious appeal are still the same. The most common materials for a clawfoot tub are cast iron and acrylic.

Although most clawfoot tubs have more of a classic look, there are quite a few modern clawfoot tubs out there. Don’t believe us? Check out  Dorya by A&E Bath and Shower. Modern clawfoot tubs make use of materials like fiberglass and acrylic among others. If you are on the lookout for an inexpensive, light, easy to clean tub with heat retention capabilities, then search for acrylic clawfoot tubs. The vintage ones are majorly made of cast iron and finished in porcelain. However, the options are diverse with some variations using hammered copper for an extra element of glitz and glamour.

Modern designers have managed to create a beautiful tub which possesses the elegance of the past combined with modern whirlpool technology. Introducing, the clawfoot whirlpool tub. It has a pump housed on either side of the bathtub to provide plenty of massaging power to the high flow, adjustable whirlpool jets for a bathroom experience that is as good as it looks.
Air jets can be installed in most Barclay tubs. We recommend Barclay and Giagni tubs when it comes to clawfoot tubs.

Design, Shapes and Sizes of Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot tubs come in all shapes and sizes with models like the roll top, double-ended, slipper and double-slipper tubs. The slipper clawfoot tub is our favorite one and we believe the slipper design makes it a perfect vintage beauty with a modern touch to it. It consists of a single sloped side that acts as a backrest creating a more comfortable relaxing position while the double slipper offers high-back construction on both sides meaning you get comfort from either side.

The roll-top rim clawfoot tub is a classic with one rounded end and the other reasonably flat for an old-school simplistic look. Its modern counterpart, the double-ended clawfoot tub, has both ends rounded for a refined look without being too over the top.

The feet options are constantly evolving. Be it the vintage lion or bear claw to the more contemporary square, round or curved feet. The choices are limitless. The feet mostly come with adjustable feet to cater for uneven floors.

Whatever your preference is, be it a true antique to keep as a collectible or a contemporary tub to complement the rest of the bathroom interior, there’s definitely something out there for every need.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Clawfoot Tubs

Cleaning and maintenance depend on the tub material. Clawfoot tubs made of acrylic and fiberglass are non-porous and easy to clean as compared to the classic ones which need constant care. Most antique tubs require periodic refinishing to ensure the coating remains shiny and appealing. It is essential to avoid using abrasive cleaners and placing soap or shampoo bottles on the finish as they can easily damage the finish.

Clawfoot tubs will always remain a sign of luxury. With proper care and maintenance, a clawfoot tub can serve as the epitome of beauty, comfort and grandeur in your bathroom for years.