2 Person Jacuzzi Tubs


Looking for luxury, durability and relaxation? Unchallenged, 2 person jacuzzi tubs are the champions of shared luxury and comfort when it comes to bathroom decor. Jacuzzi was initially a brand of hot tubs made by Giocondo Jacuzzi. The tubs became so popular and the name had such a nice ring to it that in the 80's the word ‘Jacuzzi’ became a trade name replacing generic product names.
Sometimes referred to as a spa or hot tub, a 2 person jacuzzi tub is a large heater tub with a built-in heater, filtration, and jets designed to accommodate two people.

Construction and Types of 2 Person Jacuzzi Tubs

whirlpool bathtub for 2
Two person jacuzzi tubs
come in three salient types categorized based on portability, sophistication and heat source. These are portable inflatable tubs, hi-tech jacuzzi tubs, and outdoor wood-fired spa tubs. An inflatable 2 person spa bath is a portable jacuzzi tub made from plastic polymers (Polyvinyl chloride PVC) with plug and play functionality for running the jets and the heating.

Hi-tech 2 person jacuzzi tubs are fitted with state of the art technology that includes a control panel, Bluetooth, hydromassage jets, digital stereo sounds, and in-built heaters. The control panel is touch-sensitive and allows the user to efficiently operate the jacuzzi while the inbuilt heaters have a thermostat for temperature control. When it comes to luxury 2 person whirlpool tubs, EAGO is one of the leaders in the industry. Our best-selling 2 person jacuzzi bathtubs are AM196ETL, AM124ETL-R, AM124ETL-L. The latest  2 person corner jetted tubfrom EAGO  is   AM125ETL. Our personal favorite  2 person corner jacuzzi tub is AM197ETL.

For outdoor 2 person Jacuzzi tubs, you might want to have a walkway leading up to the tub made of cabro, tile or rock paving as opposed to dirt or grass. This helps prevent any debris, dirt or other foreign objects from getting into the tub and clogging it up.

Jacuzzis generally require a 120 or 240 volt of electricity to power the thermostat and the jet pumps. A source of electricity should, therefore, be within the proximity of the hot tub spa. Since these tubs have a drain at the bottom to empty it, a hose is also needed to fill up the two person jacuzzi whirlpool tubs after draining.

Designs, Shapes, and Sizes of 2 Person Jacuzzi Tubs

Two person Jacuzzi tubs resemble a large 2 person bathtub. This means that they come in a glut of designs and shapes as long as they do not affect the functionality of the tub.

The interior of a 2 person jacuzzi is usually made of acrylic which is heated and placed over a mold to form a shell. The shell has two seats (body-cradling shapes) and jet-holes which will serve as the interior of the whirlpool bathtub.

Each of the twin seats in the jacuzzi for two has anywhere from 2 up to 12 jets placed in muscle groups to fulfill the hydrotherapy functionality of the whirlpool bathtub. The jet pressure can either be adjusted manually or be automatically set to change from low to high. A lot of times the shell is fortified with fiberglass and resin before being placed in a frame for support, preferably wooden.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Jacuzzi Tubs

Jacuzzis are relatively easy to maintain owing to their inbuilt filtration and specially treated water. It is recommended that the whirlpool tub is drained at least once every month with three months being the maximum time for which water should stay in the tub. Users of the whirlpool bathtubs are encouraged to shower appropriately before using the tub as it helps prevent foam from crystallizing in the tub.

Perfect for that long-awaited spa day with a friend or loved one, 2 person jacuzzi tubs guarantee state of the art relaxation and tranquillity away from the hustles and bustles of the world.