Roman Tub Faucets


A Roman tub faucet is precisely the masterpiece your newly remodeled bathroom deserves. After all, it is named after one of the greatest empires known to man. These faucets are guaranteed to give your bathroom the much-desired elegance and regality.

It, therefore, begs the question, what is a Roman tub faucet? This age-old faucet traces its existence to great lavish baths built by Romans all over Europe throughout their rule. It is characterized by an arched spout and short hose with its style evolving to become popular in modern bathrooms. This faucet comes in a range of settings and finishes to fit any bathroom style.

Construction of Roman Tub Faucets

Roman tub faucets come in a variety of handle settings, which include a single, double or even triple handle design. A single handle roman tub faucet has one handle to control the pressure and in some, the temperature of water. The double and triple handle faucets have their handles separately placed on either side of the spout making it even easier to adjust the pressure and temperature.

They type of faucet you chose will depend on the number of installation holes on the Roman tub with most having one, two or three holes. A tub with a single hole matches perfectly with a single handled faucet, while a three-holed one is fitted with a widespread double handle Roman tub faucet. A widespread faucet has the spout and levers placed several inches apart from each other as opposed to being on a single base.

Some of these faucets come fitted with hand showers. The vintage hand showers have a telephone-like style with the contemporary faucets having Wand-style hand showers for an even more sophisticated look.

A variety of Roman tub faucets are made to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant catering to the individual needs of the disabled. Also, for the homeowner who is looking to conserve water, certain designs come fitted with an aerator that has two settings, spray or stream, to help cut down on wastage.

Designs, Shapes and Sizes

It is undeniable that Roman tub faucets add opulence to your bathroom and tub area. The designs available are diverse ranging from modern to classic. Traditional models of these faucets can be identified by their graciously curved forms done to perfection. The modern variations comprise of clean lines and silhouettes for a unique and minimalistic look.

They come in various finishes to complement the overall bathroom design. A chrome finished Roman tub filler is highly reflective and gives a mirror-like look that works with any bathroom style. Oil rubbed bronze creates an antiquated look and complements a traditional form of tub and bathroom. The other finishes include champagne Bronze, Matte Black, Polished Nickel, Venetian Bronze and stainless steel among others.

The handle styles available include the knob, cross, lever and push button. The knob and cross lever handles require the bather to turn clockwise or anti-clockwise while the lever handle moves up and down to adjust the water pressure. With advanced technology, modern Roman tub faucets only require the user to push a button to select a setting.

The spray settings available include; full body spray, massage spray, and pause control. The massage spray option is aimed at bringing the spa to your bathroom. It creates a gentle flow of water that relaxes and soothes your body. The full body spray ensures that the whole body is covered and the pause control does as the name suggests: Pauses the flow of water.

A Roman tub faucet should not be confused with a regular wall mounted faucet. These faucets require a little more installation work than a typical faucet because of the faucet placement on the tub decking. A deck mount roman tub faucet is perfect for a stand-alone Roman bathtub sitting at the bathroom center or a distance from the wall and shower enclosure.

Cleaning and Maintenance of a Roman Tub Faucet

For Roman tub faucets to retain their glow and beauty, include them in your cleaning routine to keep them spotless and durable. After all, you don’t want to have these bathroom accessories looking all old and unappealing.

Designed to bring out true elegance, a Roman tub faucet will effortlessly add luxury, pop, and character to your bathroom décor. Therefore, when buying fixtures for your bathroom, consider a Roman tub faucet.