Giagni Faucets


Giagni faucets are the epitome of beauty, functionality and opulence. These faucets are the birth child of a family owned and operated company, Giagni, started in 1988 and are characterized by stylish designs and long-lasting quality.

These faucets come in different models each uniquely engineered to offer versatility and cater to the varying preferences of the homeowners.

Construction of Giagni Faucets

Giagni faucets can either be single or double-handled. The single-handle faucet is just as it sounds: a faucet with one handle that controls both the pressure and temperature of the water.

The dual-handled faucets have two separate handles placed on either side of the spout: one handle for hot water, and the other for cold. This type of faucet is perfect for your bathroom or a country style kitchen. It enables better water flow and temperature adjustments.

These faucets are constructed to be deck, wall or floor mounted. A deck mounted Giagni faucet is ideal for water lines located under the counter. Good examples are the kitchen and bathroom sink faucets. The wall mounted option is best for pipes that run through the wall while floor mounted faucets serve as perfect tub fillers.

Faucets from Giagni are uniquely made with drip-free European ceramic disc cartridge and a scratch-resistant finish to provide years of service and reliability. For cohesiveness, some are fitted with a soap dispenser hence making the counter neat. Also, Giagni faucets come with swiveling capabilities rotating at either 120 or 360 degrees to ensure every part of the sink or tub can be reached.

To practice conservation, you can ask for a faucet fitted with an aerator to cut down on water wastage.

Designs, Shapes and Sizes of Giagni Faucets

A pre-rinse faucet has a high arched spout and a high-pressure spray nozzle. They are mostly found in commercial kitchens and restaurants or industrial style of the home kitchen due to their ability to clean large amounts of dishes in an astonishingly short period. An excellent example of a pre-rinse faucet is the Giagni Pompa pre-rinse faucet that allows the user to seamlessly switch from stream to spray with just a squeeze.

The pull-out faucet has the faucet head pulling out in your direction. It is incorporated with a high-pressure sprayer instead of having a separate sprayer on the side of the sink. These faucets are suitable for low counters and can fill pitchers on the countertop by merely swiveling the hose to the side. The Giagni Abete Pull-out kitchen faucet is one example that complements your traditional or contemporary kitchen with its impressive silhouette.

A pull-down faucet has a shorter hose that pulls straight down into the sink. Its tall arced spout makes it great for filling bigger pots. What’s more, it offers better ergonomics since one doesn’t need to twist and maneuver the hose. An excellent example is the easy-to-install Vivace pulldown faucet that fits any kitchen style.

Giagni faucets are not only meant for the kitchen. Certain variations of faucets, like the tub fillers and bathroom sink faucets, are ornately designed to add style to any bathroom. The bathroom sink faucets can either be stand-alone, wide-spread or centerset. A stand-alone is a single handled faucet, a good example being the Andante waterfall faucet.

The widespread and centerset faucets are double-handled faucets designed for traditional style bathrooms. The widespread has the handles and spout separately placed from each other and works with three-hole basins. A centerset faucet, on the other hand, combines the handles and spout on a single base.

The traditional Giagni faucets are fitted with Telephone-style hand showers for that priceless vintage look while the contemporary fillers have Wand-style hand showers to give a modern vibe.

Giagni faucets come in different colors and finishes ranging from polished chrome, brushed Nickel to the industrial Stainless steel and oil rubbed Bronze.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Giagni Faucets

Luckily, these faucets are easy to clean and maintain. They are scratch and rust resistant and retain their beauty and functionality even after years of service.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen or in search of the perfect luxury piece for your bathroom, take your time and enjoy choosing a faucet that perfectly complements you. That being said, Giagni faucets are a must have in your home.