Barclay Products


Unique, elegant and breathtaking, Barclay tubs are the magnum opus of the bath products by Barclay Products Limited. A progeny of Sterline Shower Company which achieved notoriety in the 30s for their Converto showers, Barclay Products Limited shifted to innovative bath decorations and has not looked back since 1982.

Construction of Barclay Tubs

Barclay Products specializes in freestanding tubs where they offer products like the Barclay clawfoot tub which rests on feet and tubs with bases and pedestals. Barclay tubs are made from every tub making material known to man like copper, marble, stainless steel, cast iron, acrylic, resin and natural rocks. Cast iron and Acrylic are however the most commonly used. Cast Iron Barclay tubs without feet are a popular option in a transitional home. A good example is the Allegro Barclay double slipper tub. Since Barclay tubs are freestanding, they can be installed literary anywhere as long as there is a faucet or water supply. For the heavier tubs like the Barclay cast iron tub, the surface upon which it will rest must be inspected by a certified builder or engineer. This is to ensure that the floor, sub-floor and the joists are up to the task. Ideally, the subfloor needs to be plywood of at least ¾ inch thickness for stability. A mortar or concrete bed is used to reinforce the floor upon which the bath will rest. Barclay clawfoot tub faucets are made exclusively from brass, zinc and stainless steel and are either deck mount, rim mount, freestanding and tub wall mount. The most popular spout types are goose spout and elephant spout.

Design, Shapes and Sizes of Barclay Tubs

Absent of design and size restrictions, Barclay tubs come in an assortment of designs and styles, each more elegant than the last. Barclay freestanding tubs generally measure 58 inches in length and 30 inches width with a soaking depth of 12 inches or more. As mentioned, these are standard tub measurements, and they vary widely according to each tub. The length ranges from 43’’ to 70’’ or more while the width varies from 26’’ to 43’’ or more. Barclay offers slipper tubs, double slipper tubs, soaking tubs all in contemporary and vintage styles. Barclay Products does not make 3-wall alcove tubs, corner tubs or walk-in tubs; basically, only freestanding tubs. The vintage Barclay tubs are stylish and graceful with the right amount of nostalgia to make a cultured individual purr. The Barclay slipper tub along with the double slipper variation are deep tubs coming in both clawfoot and base bottom. The rich copper Barclay clawfoot tub is another top offering from Barclay. Serene, relaxing and therapeutic, soaking up in this tub set scenes that are nothing short of the aura given by the Waterlily pond paintings by Claude Monet. Barclay tubs come in an array of colors and finishes. These include polished brass, polished nickel, brushed nickel, polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze, painted white, painted black, unfinished, painted bisque and unfinished. The inside of a Barclay tub comes in finishes such as white enamel and hammered antique copper or nickel which will patina over time. Barclay Products also offer bathtubs with a roll up and double roll up options for accessibility and maximum armrest.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Barclay Tubs

The method used for cleaning and maintenance of Barclay tubs is subject to the material used to make it and the inside finishing. Tubs with porcelain as the interior finishing are best cleaned with mild non-abrasive agents. For a deep clean, mix warm water with quarter cups of ammonia and baking soda then gently scrub with a non-abrasive sponge. Lemon oil can be used to clean the sides of the tub. Acrylic and cast iron Barclay tubs are best cleaned by non-abrasive cleaning agents and a soft cloth for scrubbing. Copper tubs should be washed with mild soap and water. Beeswax can be used to maintain the rustic look, and the patina needs to be polished using olive oil. The adage a jerk of all trades a master of none is exemplified by the Barclay Products in regards to freestanding tubs. Barclay tubs collectively bring back classic ablution elegance with designs that are more of artistic expressions than bathing utilities.