Kingston Brass Faucets


Kingston Brass faucets are the complete definition of beauty meets functionality. These faucets are the brainchild of Kingston Brass Inc., a company that creates top quality accessories for the kitchen and bathroom market meeting or exceeding the American standards in every form.

Faucets from Kingston Brass are designed to last a lifetime and survive thousands of on-off cycles and hard water mineral build up. They come in a broad range of designs to cater to diverse consumer needs.

Construction of Kingston Brass Faucets

As the name suggests, Kingston Brass faucets are constructed using solid brass. This metal is heavy and durable. Also, it is highly recommended for hard water areas owing to their high levels of corrosion resistance. Some of the faucets are made from Chrome electroplated on Brass. This combination offers an irresistible middle ground in regards to a long-lasting Chrome finish and inner parts made of solid Brass.

Kingston Brass faucets are either deck or wall mounted faucets. A deck mounted faucet is ideal for water lines located under the counter or a sink with pre-drilled holes while the wall mounted plumbing works best with pipes running through the wall or free-standing claw foot tubs. Kingston Brass Roman tub faucets are the real beauty of the Victorian era seamlessly complementing Roman tubs.

Some of the faucets are fitted with a drip-free washerless cartridge to abate leakages and longevity of the faucet. Also, a large number of Kingston Brass faucets are ADA compliant catering to the needs of the physically challenged. To practice conservation, you can ask for a faucet fitted with an aerator to cut down on water wastage.

Designs, Shapes and Sizes of  Kingston Brass Faucets

Kingston Brass faucets come in a series of brands. Being inspired by mid-century designs vintage series is categorized into three collections namely, Heritage, Restoration and Vintage. Heritage collection combines modern sophistication and traditional décor to provide lavish and appealing faucets. Restoration collection tastefully flatters the exquisite designs of traditional homes with its fine detailing while vintage collection effortlessly brings the 20th-century vibe to your home.

Designer Trimscape is considered a unique product line that caters to faucets that are on demand on a continual basis while Fauceture series adopts its designs from the 21st-century designs the likes of translucent glass and Vitreous China.

Regarding bathroom faucets, Kingston Brass has the broadest selection of varying styles and finishes. The 4” Centerset Bathroom faucet has the spout and two handles fitted on a single base. These dual handles, one for hot the other cold water, allow for precise temperature control and an enhanced theme.

8 to 16” widespread bathroom faucets from Kingston Brass are ideal for larger bathrooms. The spout and handles are more spread apart, as compared to centerset, featuring a three hole installation. Emulating the widespread faucet, mini-widespread faucets are a better option for your small sink or tub.

Kingston Brass kitchen faucets come in a broad range of designs. The pre-rinse faucet features a single slim lever handle for ease of use while controlling the temperature and water pressure. Its high arched spout and a rotating swivel provides ease in washing dishes. The pull out kitchen faucet is mostly a single lever or loop handle faucet incorporated with a high-pressure sprayer. This faucet has its head pulling out in your direction and a swiveling hose making it perfect for low counters and filling pots on the countertop.

A pull-down faucet has a shorter hose that pulls straight down into the sink. Kingston Brass pull-down faucets have a single lever handle and multiple spray settings for versatility and functionality. Its tall spout makes it excellent for filling large pitchers. A Bridge kitchen faucet from Kingston Brass is a vintage beauty from the Heritage collection. This faucet has an arch connecting the spout to the handles hence the name, bridge.

The finishes present are infinite ranging from Antique copper, black stainless, matte black, Brushed Nickel, Satin Brass to polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze and Antique Brass.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Kingston Brass Faucets

Brass faucets are easy to clean and maintain. Their durability and resistance to hard water mean they retain their beauty and functionality even after years of service. A simple wipe and replacement of faulty valves is enough to do the job.

Whether you’re looking to decorate your kitchen with a luxurious faucet or in search of a statement piece for your tub, why not give Kingston Brass faucets a try?