Freestanding Tub Faucets


Freestanding tubs are awesome bathroom pieces but also lack in some aspects. They don’t have a deck where tub faucets can be fitted. Homeowners are therefore required to install freestanding tub faucets to enjoy their bath session. Freestanding tub faucets come in various styles and finishes. Choosing the perfect one for your bathroom can go a long way in defining the overall design of your bathroom space.

When installing a freestanding bathroom faucet, one has to make considerations, especially with the placement of the bathtub so that there is floor space left for the installation of the faucets. The installation methods and designs of these faucets are limitless since the pipes leading to the faucets may sit outside of the tub or emerge from the floor behind the tub. 

Freestanding Tub Faucet Designs

Modern designs of freestanding tub faucets may feature cylindrical lever handles, which are the most common. A freestanding tub faucet with shower also presents a sleek and contemporary style to your bath. Traditional freestanding tub fillers are also capable of bringing some spark to your bathroom. Most of the traditional tub fillers will come with certain specifications. They usually have a swing spout, which could measure 42 inches in height and 8 inches in length. Freestanding tub faucets also come with hot and cold indicators.

The specifications may vary depending on your preference, but most of them are standard. These freestanding tub fillers also come with a 60-80-inch stretchable hose with metal fittings. To ensure that you enjoy an uninterrupted bath, they will also have an auto-resetting diverter. For those that come with a shower, a pivot hand shower holder is also included in the design. This traditional design also brings forth a pressure balance cartridge, which is optional.

Antique bathroom faucets also contribute to a unique and authentic feel of your bathroom space. They are particularly important in replicating certain historical eras. They can also be used to express design flourishes from the past times. Antique freestanding faucets are different in their styles, but the most popular ones are the Victorian-era faucets. A Victorian-era faucet is particularly unique and always attracts attention, especially when installed as a wall mount tub filler faucet.

Large bathrooms are perfect for large freestanding tubs. A freestanding roman tub faucet is also ideal for freestanding bathtubs. Modern and sophisticated freestanding tub faucets also come with ceramic disc valve cartridges that offer a drip-free performance. Freestanding tub faucets differ in their handles or accents too. Some will have porcelain or metal lever handle. Metal cross and metal French curve levers are also common fittings that go together with freestanding tub faucets.

Freestanding Tub Faucets Materials and Colors

The material making up the freestanding tub faucets is also another way these tub fillers are differentiated. Freestanding tub faucets could have a brass construction. The brass material ensures that the faucets are durable. What’s more, this material is ideal for prolonged or continuous contact with water. This is because its polish hardly washes away. Brass also offers a fine surface for application of any polish.

These faucets can also have a chrome finish to give a clean and shiny surface. A champagne bronze finish is also common. It is somewhat goldish and makes a bold statement in your bath. Polished nickel is also common in the finishing of these tub faucets. It is a brilliant finish that leaves your faucet shining, adding glamour to your bath. A Venetian bronze finish is somewhat dull and is ideal for antique freestanding tub faucets. A stainless finish also offers options for the finish. It is popular with many homeowners as it does not fade away, even with the constant water contact.

Maintaining Freestanding Tub Faucets

Frequent cleaning of the faucets and maintaining their finish is essential so that they can last longer. Build-up dust, shaving gel, and hairspray will quickly eat away at the surface of your faucet, regardless of the finish. Cleaning the faucets with gentle cleaning solutions and a soft-bristle brush will help them stay clean and ultimately last longer. Abrasive cleaners and scrub sponges should be avoided to prevent scratching of the faucet finish.

Many homeowners have adopted large freestanding tubs and contemporary or modern styles for their large bathrooms. Freestanding tub faucets are the ideal bathroom fittings for completing an intriguing look of your bath. With a variety of designs and styles, your freestanding tub faucet could go on to bring out a gorgeous look for your bathroom.