Oval Tubs


It is undeniable that oval tubs add splendor to any bathroom with their graciously curved forms and clean lines done to perfection. Oval was the shape of choice for tubs used during the Roman Empire and later by royalties all over the world.

Since then, oval tubs have been adopted into most households as something of unimaginable beauty and functionality. Different brands have invented unique designs for this tub to accommodate diverse consumer preferences.

Construction of Oval Tubs

The standard oval tub is approximately 60 inches long, 41 inches wide and a height of 24 inches. However, these values vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is, therefore, necessary to take into considerations the size of the intended placement area for a perfect fit.

Old school oval tubs are made of cast iron, copper, and porcelain. A cast iron oval tub is a timeless choice for any home, offering durability and a rich history. Copper is an excellent alternative to cast iron giving the tubs a rustic, shiny well-done appearance. Modern oval tubs are made mostly from acrylic due to its light-weight, ease of maintenance and durability. The other options include stainless steel, natural stone, wood, and resin.

With the advent of new technology, whirlpools and air jets have been incorporated into these tubs. Oval tubs like the hydrotherapy tubs and Jacuzzis are now being constructed for ultimate relaxation and health benefits. These tubs come fitted with a control panel or remote control to adjust features like the water temperature, flow, and intensity of the jets, aromatherapy and chromotherapy options among others. When it comes to an impressive combination of vintage and futuristic designs, an oval jetted tub reigns supreme.

Designs, Shapes and Sizes

Freestanding oval tubs offer a variety of placement and style options. Clawfoot oval tubs are a variation of freestanding tubs where the tub sits on decorative feet or claws. They provide minimal contact with the heat absorbing material like floors or even walls hence longer heat retention.

Oval tubs that sit directly on the floor are perfect for a contemporary style of bathroom with their bold silhouettes and elegant lines. Pedestal oval tubs, on the other hand, give an illusion of height and capture the essence of the classic and the simplistic nature of modern designs.

The space-saving oval corner tub brings life to your little bath heaven and makes for an excellent bathroom focal point. Soaking oval tubs are designed to support the user’s head and back, therefore, maximizing on comfort. Japanese soaking tubs are a variation of freestanding soaker tubs that offer an even deeper soaking depth while enabling one to sit upright in the tub.

The oval tub models available include the slipper, double-slipper, double-ended and the roll top. The oval slipper tub is a vintage beauty comprising of a single sloped side that acts as a backrest for a more relaxing resting position. Having a high-back construction on both ends, the double slipper offers double the comfort.

The roll top rim oval tub is a classic with one rounded end and the other flat to give an old-school simplistic vibe. The modern era double ended tubs offer symmetry with their ends being either equally rounded or straight.

Oval tubs, especially acrylic oval tubs, offer a wide range of color and finishing options. From the rich gold to the glossy polished chrome, there is a shade to complement the rest of your interior.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Oval Tubs

Oval tubs are made from different materials. The level of care solely depends on the construction material. Most antique tubs require periodic refinishing to ensure the coating remains shiny and appealing. Acrylic and fiberglass tubs are non-porous and easy to clean.

It is essential to avoid using abrasive cleaners and placing any objects like soap and shampoo bottles on the finish as they can easily damage the finish. Remember to keep the tubs dry to prevent mildew growth. Fortunately, you don’t have to memorize all the cleaning procedures since these tubs come with instruction manuals from the manufacturer.

Whatever your preference be, be it a genuine antique to keep as a collectible or a contemporary tub to complement the rest of the bathroom interior, you can never go wrong with oval tubs.