Double Ended Tubs


A masterpiece for any bathroom, double ended tubs are the perfect combination of practicality, versatility, and luxury. In other words, a triple threat. They possess the power to decorate, serve and offer that well-deserved comfort.

So, what exactly is a double ended tub? A double ended tub is a freestanding tub that has both its ends identical and gently sloped with the taps and waste fitted at its center. It means you get both comfort and space no matter the side you’re resting on.

Also, these tubs are as diverse as it gets. Whether modern or vintage, there’s a myriad of shapes and sizes to fit perfectly into a range of specifications.

Construction of Double Ended Tubs

Most double ended tubs are typically larger than their single ended counterparts having dimensions between 60” to 72” long, 27” to 34” wide and 19” to 22” wide. However, with the ever-changing tub designs and human proportions, these values are not standard. It is essential to get the measurements right to avoid future regrets.

The central positioning of the tubs and the waste allows for more space. Worry no more tall people. You can now comfortably stretch your legs without the fear of getting jabbed by the taps or folding your legs to fit. What’s more, it caters for that adorable family of yours. Its gentle slope means there’s enough space to lavishly bathe your two kids at the same time or have some private time in that double soaker tub with a loved one without scrambling for space. Romance is the word.

Traditional double ended tubs are made from cast iron and finished in porcelain with some designers preferring copper for an extra dose of glamour. This type of tub, especially a double ended clawfoot tub, fits perfectly into the aesthetics of antique themed bathrooms. Cast irons tubs are generally bulky and are therefore recommended for the ground floor.

The more modern ones are made of either acrylic, fiberglass among others. Acrylic double ended tubs are lighter and easier to clean while fiberglass tubs need the most attention and maintenance.

Designs, Shapes and Sizes

Whether modern or vintage, double ended tubs possess wide variations of shapes, sizes, models and color. The shapes are endless ranging from the old oval shaped tubs to the more modern rectangular shaped ones. They also come in different models, for example, the slipper and the roll-top tubs. The double slipper tub is the perfect embodiment of vintage meets modern, with its double sloped sides elegantly offering twice the comfort. A double ended bathtub with a rolled top adds uniqueness to a bathroom and is indeed a sight to behold.

These tubs either rest on their bases or have feet for support. Vintage tubs most times than not have feet that are of different designs with the lion or bear claw being the most common. The contemporary variations have either square, round or curved feet with even more exquisite and picturesque designs popping by the day. Feetless tubs work well in modern, unconventional and transitional bathroom styles. A good example is the double slipper pedestal tub which is defined by stability, elevation, and luxury.

Double ended tubs come in a wide variety of colors ranging from the archaic bronze, white, to the elegant Satin Nickel and chrome giving a refined look without trying too much. The double slipper tub acrylic is an excellent example of neat, minimal and modern with a hint of edge and is a great option for modern interiors.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Double Ended Tubs

Consider double ended tubs as something of an investment. With proper care and maintenance, these bathroom centerpieces can last for decades. Tubs made from acrylic are the easiest to maintain owing to their resistance to staining and fading. It is also easy to repair a scratched surface.

On the other hand, fiberglass is prone to scratching, and its material wears out poorly, therefore, requires the utmost care and caution. Periodic refinishing of vintage double ended tubs is vital to them remaining as good as new.

Choosing the perfect double ended tub is a very personal decision. Ensure the choice of tub fits your lifestyle seamlessly as it is a matter of what you’ll get the maximum use of. Good things come in two they say. Double ended tubs are a true testament to that.