Our Story How It All Started with Freestanding Tubs

Luxury Freestanding Tubs is a family-owned business that has been around for well over eight years and we have formed long-lasting partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the industry.

One of the first things we fell in love with on our trip to Europe we took a couple of years ago was the bathrooms. I know it’s not what you’d expect to hear when talking about trips in Europe but we have a great passion for bathroom design. Some talk about architecture, others talk about history, and we talk about bathroom décor. Specifically, one of the main attributes that attracted us to the bathrooms was the popularity of the freestanding tubs.

Coming back to the States, we quickly wanted to find our own taste of the bathroom décor we’d come to love, but it was extremely hard. No one seemed to know what we wanted, or have a decent quantity of stock to choose from. We learned that although they were so popular in Europe, they were only just beginning to take hold in American bathrooms. They have always been popular but in the last few years they are definitely one of the hottest trends in regards to the bathroom design. That’s how we came to start Luxury Freestanding Tubs.

We loved the fact that we didn't have to trade comfort for design, since freestanding tubs are extremely relaxing, as well as being pieces of art. Nothing beats the feeling of jumping into a bathtub after a stressful day, soothing the tired muscles, calming the mind, and relaxing the body.

We believe the shopping experience should be safe, pleasurable and personal. Especially in this age of automation and huge retailers, caring for your customers and providing a personalized service has never been more important in our opinion.

As a company that has been around for more than 5 years, we have satisfied well over 5,000 happy customers. Our selection of freestanding bathtubs and bathtub faucets is one of the largest on the market where we work with numerous of warehouses across the country to ensure the products arrive quickly and safely. We offer a vast variety of styles; from flat-out glamorous to the more traditional. Regardless of their flair, all the products are of the highest possible quality. Freestanding bathtubs not only provide the maximum in personal satisfaction but enrich their surroundings as well. Their elegance and sophistication of design can be vouched for by our countless satisfied customers.

Our focus has always been on providing the very best customer service, and that hasn’t changed with time. Our team stands ready to answer any questions you might have, whether you are trying to learn more about freestanding bathtubs, or have further inquiries after the purchase. Our success is measured by your satisfaction. Your needs come first, and we are willing to work hard to earn and keep your trust.

We want you to be sure you’re getting the best possible prices and that’s why we offer a price match guarantee. If you find an online store that offers a lower price than we do simply let us know and we'll match the price! This also means that if you find an online store that offers a lower price than we do, within 90 days of your purchase we will refund your original payment for the difference ! Additionally, if within three months of purchase, you find that an item you had ordered is listed as cheaper on our own site, we will once again refund you the difference. When you shop with us you can be certain that you are buying the product at the lowest possible price. You can read more about out price match policy here. Additionally, we also offer a money back guarantee and free warranty on all of our products. 

In every bathroom, you have to have a feature element. It could be something simple in a small space like a painted wall or a particular tile on the floor. But if you truly want to experience a high-end bathroom, we always say it’s better to go big. And there’s nothing that shouts “luxury” more than a freestanding tub.

We truly love what we do, and have a great passion for bathroom design and freestanding bathtubs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are here to help.