With an impressive fusion of comfort, dependability, and dreamy designs, EAGO tubs are the true definition of modern luxury. These tubs are the product of a US company, Alfi Brand which produces one of the best whirlpool tubs in the industry. They use the latest cutting-edge technology to produce futuristic and globally recognized luxurious whirlpool tubs.

EAGO tubs are incredibly versatile. They come in a wide range of features and designs to suit the ever-changing consumer preferences. What remains constant is their mind-blowing beauty, modernity, and functionality.

Construction of EAGO Tubs

2 person jacuzzi tub
There are no fixed dimensions for an EAGO tub as the dimensions majorly depend on the overall design of the tub. That being said, a majority of them are approximately 4 to 5 feet long, 4 to 5 feet wide with depths between 21 and 26 inches. EAGO tubs are made using an Acrylic material as it is light, scratch resistant and extra smooth. The company exclusively uses MaxloadTM technology to reinforce acrylic with fiberglass making the tubs much more resilient. Our two favorite EAGO tubs are AM196ETL and AM124ETL-L / AM124ETL-R. Both are whirlpool tubs for two people and they are absolutely amazing.

The  EAGO Tubs are fitted with the latest technology from Bluetooth, aromatherapy and chromotherapy to hydromassage jets, digital stereo sounds and inline heaters. Some of the tubs have a stylish, user-friendly, and touch-sensitive control panel that allows the bather to efficiently operate the digital sound system, whirlpool jets, and chromotherapy light.

Due to the mixture of air and water in an EAGO whirlpool tub, the water temperature cools more rapidly as compared to traditional tubs. The jet pressure is adjusted either manually by choosing from 4 different levels, or automatically by gradual change from low to high in a loop.

The inline heaters have a built-in thermostat that continually maintains the temperature of the water allowing for a much longer bathing time. These heaters are designed to work only when the jets are operating.

All EAGO bathtubs are constructed with overflow features that keep water from accidentally spilling out over the tub and flooding the area. Waterfall inlets are added for a touch of glamour. Also, you can change the colors of the chromo-therapy LED lighting automatically or manually.

We love the Hydromassage jets that the tubs have… gentle massage of the body as you enjoy the warm waters and sweet-smelling aromas, huh! Just imagine a nice, long, relaxing soak in an EAGO jacuzzi as you listen to your favorite music. Is there anything that beats that?

Designs, Shapes and Sizes of EAGO Tubs

EAGO jacuzzi bathtubs come in only one color, white, but the shapes, sizes, and models are a variety. They are available as either single or two person tubs fitted with backrests, armrests, and ledges for setting out toiletries. A two person EAGO tub has more extensive design and integral lumbar support on both sides for comfort. EAGO produces mostly freestanding whirlpool tubs and you won’t find any drop-tubs while searching their product selection. If you are interested in whirlpool drop-in tubs then a better brand to look into is Atlantis Whirlpools.

If you are working with a small space then a corner tub is your best option. Corner tubs are designed so that two of its sides adjoin two walls. Its design features rectangular, trapezoidal or even oval interior basins. Remember to take accurate measurements of the selected corner before purchasing a corner tub

Freestanding EAGO tubs allow for flexibility as they can be placed anywhere in your bathroom. They come in either oval, rounded or rectangular shapes. An oval EAGO tub is the embodiment of vintage meets modern and is perfect for a transitional bathroom. Modern bathrooms blend well with rectangularly shaped tubs, but the overall choice is yours.

Cleaning and Maintenance of EAGO Tubs

Cleaning EAGO tubs is an easy task. The acrylic material used is extra-smooth making it difficult for dirt, and bacteria to attach. Besides, it is scratch resistant meaning it slowly wears and retains its glossy shine for a long time.

EAGO tubs are made to impress. They possess class, comfort and pizzazz that remains unrivaled.