5 Modern Freestanding Tub Styles for 2022

5 Modern Freestanding Tub Styles for 2022

Modern freestanding tubs have never been more popular. Modern is currently the most popular bathroom style in the U.S. and freestanding flat-bottom bathtubs are the most popular bathtub style, according to data from the 2021 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study. These styles also reigned supreme in 2020, the last time Houzz surveyed home remodelers in the United States.

Modern style freestanding tubs typically have a flat bottom, with a thin, flat rim, and the clean, minimalistic lines frequently utilized in modern interior design. Most modern tub designs feature oval, rectangular, or round shapes. According to HGTV, modern freestanding tubs function almost like “sculpture for your bathroom” as they “tend to have distinct sides and smooth contours, which allows them to become focal points for the bathroom.” Functional, sleek, and elegant, modern soaking tubs make a great addition to any modern classic, modern minimalist, modern farmhouse, mid century modern, urban modern, or transitional style bathroom.

Our 5 Favorite Modern Freestanding Tub Styles

We believe that modern freestanding tubs will continue to be highly sought-after in 2022 by remodelers seeking luxury spa features and modern focal points in their bathrooms. To help homeowners searching for the best modern freestanding tub style for their bathrooms, we put together a guide to the latest and greatest affordable modern bathtub models available right now:

  1. The Barclay 73” Britta Slipper Tub is a luxury modern freestanding tub that will look right at home in any modern or transitional style bathroom. This tub’s sleek contour and high backrest are perfect for a luxurious deep soak. Clean, modern lines and a roomy 66-gallon water capacity provide a sophisticated, spa-like bathing experience.
  2. The A & E Bath and Shower 68” Axel Tub Package features a modern freestanding faucet with handheld shower and a modern freestanding slipper tub with artistic round and wavy lines. This tub-faucet package will create a truly stunning focal point in any bathroom. The durable acrylic construction makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.
  3. The ALFI brand 68” Double Slipper Tub features high backrests, sleek lines, and high gloss, stain resistant acrylic. This double slipper bathtub has a modern classic look and offers a spacious soaking experience.
  4. Another great modern style tub by ALFI is the ALFI brand 67” Rectangular Freestanding Tub. This distinguished, understated design features a rectangular shape, glossy white acrylic, and simple, minimalist lines.
  5. One of our newest modern tub styles for 2022 is an unusual modern style footed tub by Barclay. The Barclay 71” Tristan Freestanding Tub (Shown Below) is truly a work of art - a modern update of a traditional footed tub, with sleek lines, smooth poly-resin construction, and graceful, integrated feet. With an incredibly generous 97-gallon capacity, this extra-large freestanding tub is the perfect modern style soaking tub for two.
Tristan Modern Freestanding Tub Style in 2022


5 Modern Freestanding Tub Styles for 2022

For additional modern freestanding tub styles, check out our Freestanding Tubs collection. Or Contact our Customer Service team for assistance with finding the perfect modern freestanding bathtub for your bathroom remodel in 2022!

by Cassidy Carr