A Quick Guide to Freestanding Tub Sizes

A Quick Guide to Freestanding Tub Sizes

According to The Spruce, standard freestanding tub sizes range from 55-72 inches (length); 27-32 inches (width); & 15-20 inches (height).

Standard size freestanding tubs usually have a water depth of 15-22 inches (to the top of the tub) and a water capacity of 40-75 gallons, though this varies by tub shape (oval, rectangular, round) as well as style and design (slipper, double ended, corner garden tub, etc.). Round and oval soaking tub dimensions often differ from standard freestanding tub dimensions, as they are more likely to have greater width than height. The way that the interior of a freestanding tub is molded will influence its overall width and depth. This explains why so many freestanding whirlpool tubs are only around 5 ft. long (60”-61”) yet have enough room to fit two people at a time.

Regarding water depth, many tubs come with overflow that will kick in when the bath water reaches a particular height - which is usually several inches lower than the maximum water depth of the bathtub, which is measured from the tub’s interior base to the top of the tub. The water depth (to overflow) is measured from the base of the tub to the overflow drain.

Extra Large Freestanding Tub Dimensions

Most standard size freestanding tubs are only meant to be used by one person at a time (i.e. they are one-person tubs) though the tub models at the longer end of this range (around 70”-72”) may be able to accommodate two people. Extra large freestanding tub dimensions (73”+ long) are generally roomy enough to be used as a 2 person freestanding tub. Extra large freestanding tub models are longer and typically a bit wider, with greater water capacity, deeper water depth, and overall dimensions that generally fall in the range of:

  • Length: 73-79 inches
  • Width: 30-42 inches
  • Height: 20-32 inches

Note: while extra water depth is always nice, most bathers will find that a tub with a water depth of 14-20 inches is more than deep enough to cover most of your body. After all, they’re called soaking tubs for a reason!

Small Freestanding Tub Dimensions

Small freestanding tubs are usually 45”-54” long and 25”-30” wide (or slightly less) with a height of 15-23 inches. These tubs are designed with smaller bathrooms in mind as they take up significantly less space than a standard size freestanding tub. Many small freestanding tub models have extra height to make up for their shorter length and ensure soaking tub depth of at least 14 inches.


Extra small freestanding tubs, usually 32”- 44” in length, are also available - these diminutive soaking tub dimensions work well in tiny homes and small bathrooms. With a water depth of 14-17 inches, extra small freestanding tubs are still deep enough to hold enough water to cover most of your frame.

The Most Common Freestanding Tub Sizes

While the most common freestanding tub models are usually 4.5 ft. to 6 ft. long, we think the 60” long freestanding tub size is the most universally appealing to American homeowners. In fact, according to Google Trends, 60 inch freestanding tub is a frequent search term along with 55 inch freestanding tub. The 55” freestanding tub model is generally preferred by remodelers with smaller bathrooms who still desire the luxury and aesthetics of a comfortable deep soaking tub. One of our bestselling 60 inch freestanding tub models is the Barclay Lorenzo Freestanding Acrylic Tub. One of our customers’ favorite 55 inch freestanding tub models is the Barclay Phillipe Acrylic Freestanding Tub.

Many of our current bestselling freestanding tubs are 56”-68” long. However, both small freestanding tub models, like the 48” Barclay Addison Cast Iron Roll Top Clawfoot Tub, and longer tubs, like the 71” A&E Bath and Shower Una Acrylic Oval Freestanding Tub, are also popular with our customers.

Learn More about Freestanding Tub Sizes and Styles

For a more complete guide to selecting the best freestanding tub for your bathroom, download our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Freestanding Tub.

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by Cassidy Carr