The Best Small Freestanding Tub - According to our Customers

The Best Small Freestanding Tub - A&E Retro

A&E Retro - The Best Small Freestanding Tub

For the past two years and counting, our bestselling small freestanding tub has been the 56” Retro Acrylic Freestanding Oval Tub Package by A & E Bath and Shower. The Retro tub’s unique, compact design makes it ideal for replacing a standard alcove tub with a freestanding tub in smaller bathrooms. To figure out what makes this bestselling tub so special, we decided to take a close look at our verified customer reviews for the A&E Retro tub package.



A 56 inch bathtub does not take up too much space, making it the perfect size tub for most small bathrooms. According to The Spruce, most freestanding tubs have a length of 55-72 inches. That puts a 56” tub, like the A&E Retro tub, at the shorter end of this range - perfect for small en suite bathrooms, guest bathrooms, tiny homes, mobile homes, cabins and vacation properties where space is limited. By being slightly wider and slightly higher than other small freestanding bathtubs, this tub contains the same inner dimensions as a bigger tub and has a generous 67 gallon water capacity.

One of our verified customer reviews, by Nikki P., notes how well this tub functions in small bathrooms: “ We chose the A&E free standing tub because it is only 56" and is ideal for smaller bathrooms. Our space for a tub was very specific, but we didnt want just a tiny tub, we still wanted something that would look amazing. The tub needed to fit within a very precise space so we were concerned about a free standing tub, but it fits perfectly. My husband was worried about quality due to the price but he is very happy with what We received.

The Best Small Freestanding Tub - A&E Retro

Regarding the A&E Retro tub’s optimal size, Bree F. wrote that, “ We recently remodeled our bathroom and this was one of the best purchases that we made. It's absolutely beautiful. I'm really short (5'1") so the smaller size is perfect for me.

Finally, another verified reviewer, Craig D., had this to say about A&E’s popular 56 inch tub: “ Rare to find a tub this size, which fit perfectly in the nook from the tub I removed.



A&E Bath and Shower is a Canadian manufacturer of affordable bathtubs, shower enclosures, and bathroom fixtures like tub fillers. One of the key reasons for the A&E Retro tub package’s popularity is its competitive pricing. Offered in an all-in-one combo with a Chrome deckmount faucet, and featuring pure acrylic fi­berglass reinforced construction, and an elegant, timeless, contemporary design, this package offers a great value for the homeowner seeking to upgrade from an alcove tub or a cost-conscious remodeler searching for a great small soaking tub that will provide a gorgeous focal point in any size bathroom.  We think that one of our awesome customers, Jeffrey G., would agree. He wrote that, “ We ordered this tub for our do it yourself remodel. It fit our needs perfectly because our tub space was smaller than the market standard. It is a beautiful tub and the price could not be beat! Arrived securely packaged via.freight truck and was here is a very short amount of time.

Many of our customers, including interior designers, were surprised by this tub’s “high quality” for such a low price. As Tom H. wrote in his verified review: “ Used for a client on a tight budget, was worried about quality due to the price but happy with what I received, super lightweight and easy to move

The Best Small Freestanding Tub - A&E Retro Tub

David M. called the A&E Retro tub package a “ great value for the money” and another reviewer, Joanna W., stated that: “ The tub is amazing. Quality product for great price. It is very comfortable. I'm happy with it. Thanks for the prompt delivery on such a large item! Recommend!



The A&E Retro tub is a contemporary freestanding oval tub that features durable, low maintenance fiberglass reinforced acrylic, symmetrical backrests, adjustable feet, a center pop-up drain in Chrome, integrated chrome linear overflow, and a deep bathing well that provides the depth needed for a deep, comfortable soak. The Roman tub faucet with Chrome finish has handles that are attached to the deck of the tub and an elegant arched spout. The fiberglass-reinforced acrylic helps retain the heat of the bath water for a long, warm, luxurious soak.

This sleek freestanding tub is a contemporary update of a classic double slipper tub but with a seamless design and modern minimalist, clean lines. The universally appealing roomy yet compact design is one of the main reasons why so many of our customers selected this small freestanding tub for their bathroom remodels and renovations. Lucianah W. summed up the Retro tub’s unique combination of attractive, compact design and quality construction quite nicely in her verified customer review: “ Such a beautiful tub. We had a very small space to work with and was looking for a small tub. I am 5ft 6 and it is just right for me. We had our plumber install it for us. The look and function is just perfect.

Another verified reviewer, June W., wrote that the Retro tub is: “ Stylish, classy, practical. This tub is comfortable... the sides are perfect for water depth and long enough for a tall person. No issues whatsoever about keeping heat and insulation... I can be in the tub 45 mins and temp stays perfectly warm and comfortable

The Best Small Freestanding Tub - A&E Retro Tubs

Logan R. wrote: “ BEAUTIFUL!!! Top quality, heavy-duty, seamless - thrilled with our purchase and it looks much, much more expensive


Easy Installation & Maintenance

Installing the lightweight, easy-to-move A&E Retro tub could not be easier (even in upstairs bathrooms) and cleaning/maintenance is also a cinch. A verified reviewer of this tub - Chase C. - wrote that “ the acrylic material is very easy to wash.” Daily care: Wipe with a soft towel after each use. Use mild dishwashing detergent to keep surfaces bright and clean. Rinse well and dry with a clean cloth.

The A&E 56” Retro Tub offers the perfect combination of quality construction; sleek, contemporary design; easy installation & maintenance; and economical pricing. One of our most recent 5-star verified customer reviews succinctly sums up the benefits and features of the A&E Retro tub package - and helps illustrate why it is the best small freestanding tub available on the market today:


My wife insisted on this bathtub. I didn't think it would fit the very small space in our bathroom, but she said we could make it work and so we bought it. I must admit as skeptical as I was, she was right. This tub fit perfectly and looks so much better than the other basic model I had planned to buy. I have always shopped at the big box stores because I can pick up the item myself and make sure it makes it home safe, but the delivery was perfect and the tub arrived without a scratch. Our plumber was able to install the drains and tub easily and was in and out in just a few short hours. This tub definitely worked great and looks even greater. And all the manuals that come with it are extremely helpful, I probably could have installed it myself had I known how step by step the guides are.

  • Joseph O. - Verified Purchase


The Best Small Freestanding Tubs are from Luxury Freestanding Tubs

Luxury Freestanding Tub’s 100% Money Back Guarantee & Price Match Guarantee ensure you will be 100% happy with your A&E Retro tub purchase.

The 55” Phillipe tub by Barclay and A&E’s other popular 56” freestanding acrylic oval tub design, the A&E Turin tub, are other great small freestanding tub options for homeowners and renovators looking for a contemporary or modern acrylic freestanding tub.

If you are looking for an extra-small freestanding tub (under 55” in length), we recommend the Barclay 31.5” Freestanding Double Roll Clawfoot Copper Tub or the Barclay Abbey 48” Cast Iron Roll Top Tub. For a more contemporary look, consider the Barclay Pearce 51” Acrylic Freestanding Tub.

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by Cassidy Carr