Designer Bathtubs Customers Love: AXOR Massaud & Urquiola

Designer Bathtub and Filler - Axor Massaud

Designer Bathtubs Accessible Everywhere

Designer bathtubs and bathroom faucets can be somewhat difficult to find outside of large metro areas like NYC, Los Angeles and Chicago. AXOR was established 28 years ago to help make luxury modern and avant-garde kitchen and bath designs accessible to discerning consumers across North America. AXOR partners with internationally renowned designers, including Jean-Marie Massaud, Philippe Starck, Barber Osgerby, Antonio Citterio and nendo, to create iconic, high end bathtubs and fixtures for luxury bathrooms and kitchens. Avant-garde, customization, and perfection - AXOR’s three central values - are evident in the sleek, elegant and stunning designer bathtubs, tub fillers and faucets we are proud to carry in our catalog.


Quality Luxury from Hansgrohe Group

AXOR’s commitment to excellence is not at all surprising, considering they are a brand of the Hansgrohe Group – an award-winning German company that has been making premium faucets and fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens since 1901. The name Hansgrohe is synonymous with German design excellence. Internationally known for their high-quality and precision engineering, Hansgrohe has won numerous awards for their innovative, attractive water-saving faucet and tub filler designs.


Designer Bathtubs our Customers Love

Two of our customers’ favorite designer bathtub models are the AXOR Massaud bathtub and AXOR Urquiola, flagship products in AXOR’s line of luxury bathroom fixtures. While AXOR is proud to work with many up-and-coming designers, their partnerships with established designers like Patricia Urquiola and Jean-Marie Massaud has helped solidify their reputation as a premier source in the kitchen and bath industry for one-of-a-kind designer bathtubs, faucets, tub fillers, and accessories among other products.


AXOR Designer Bathtub - Massaud

Jean-Marie Massaud, French architect, inventor and designer - and organic design advocate - partnered with AXOR to produce a spectacular freestanding modern tub - the AXOR Massaud. Like most of Jean-Marie Massaud’s designs, the AXOR Massaud is inspired by nature. Crafted from lightweight sandwich material with a durable polyester gel coat finish, this sleek tub’s unique organic shape is evocative of a lake. Kelly G., one of our customers wrote that: “…my favorite part is the shape, it is just gorgeous in our bathroom. We are very happy with this bathtub.” Another verified customer review from Julie W. stated: “It is strong, very well made, and extremely elegant. It is a nice modern take to the free standing tub arena. It is truly a beautiful bathtub.”

We suggest pairing this elegant designer bathtub with the sleek, modern Axor Massaud Freestanding Tub Filler with Handshower in Chrome to create a serene spa-like experience in your master bathroom.


AXOR Designer Bathtub - Urquiola

Another luxury designer tub by AXOR that consistently receives rave reviews from our customers is the AXOR Urquiola bathtub. Designed by Spanish architect and industrial designer Patricia Urquiola for AXOR and crafted out of mineral casting with durable gel coated finish, this freestanding slipper tub is truly a statement piece for your master bath. An inductee of the Interior Design Hall of Fame, known for her playful, extravagant style fusions, Urquiola’s interpretation of the modern freestanding tub utilizes durable, high-quality material cast marble and functional features like an integrated towel holder. The result is a luxurious modern bathtub with a slightly feminine, nostalgic touch. One of our satisfied customers, Sam S., loved this bath tub’s premium quality and craftsmanship, stating that: “This is a beautiful marble bathtub […] a high quality bathtub made of high quality marble.” Ryan H. agreed, writing: “This is a SOLID bathtub made with quality material. This is a very high-end, well-built tub.”

Patricia Urquiola’s experimental style is also on display in the AXOR Urquiola Freestanding Tub Filler. This luxury tub filler features a Chrome finish, two-jet hand shower, and 50" Techniflex hose. Pair it with the AXOR Urquiola soaking tub to create an elegant focal point in your modern, contemporary or luxe bathroom.

Additional designer tub fillers and bathroom faucets by AXOR are available in our Luxury Tub Faucets collection. This collection includes AXOR Starck tub fillers and faucets, designed by award-winning French industrial architect and designer Philippe Starck, and AXOR Citterio tub fillers and faucets, created in partnership with celebrated Italian architect and industrial designer Antonio Citterio.


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AXOR tubs and faucets come with a five-year manufacturer's warranty and are backed by our 100% Easy Money Back Guarantee policy and Lowest Price Match Guarantee policy - plus free shipping & no sales tax. For assistance with selecting the best designer bathtub for your bathroom, Contact Us via email, phone or chat.



by Cassidy Carr