Meditub Reviews from 11 Customers Shows the Best Accessible Bathtub Brand

MediTub Reviews on Luxury Freestanding Tubs

Meditub reviews can be difficult to find online. And since customer reviews are the most reliable source of a brand’s quality, we decided to gather our recent customer reviews of Meditub products in one place to help demonstrate why Meditub makes some of the best accessible bathtubs, including wheelchair accessible tubs, on the market today.

When looking for an accessible tub line to offer on our website, we chose Meditub primarily for their economy and quality. According to a Meditub product review by Jeph Preece of TechRadar, Meditub is “the best tub for wheelchair access”; Caregiver Connection recently wrote that “Meditub products are a good value for the money.” Our customers (all of whom gave Meditub 5 out of 5 stars when providing verified reviews of MediTub accessible walk-in tubs) seem to agree.


Recent Meditub Reviews by Verified Purchasers

Meditub 2653 Walk In Bathtub - 5 Star Review from Sammi J. - Verified Purchase

     “Lifesaver! We bought this for our grandmother who is suffering from severe osteoarthritis. The door lets her walk right in and out of the tub without raising her knees. Her home attendant says this tub is a real life saver.”

    Meditub 3660 Walk In Tub - 5 Star Review from Brett N. - Verified Purchase

      “Wonderful Tub! Wonderful! My buddy and I renovated my mom's bathroom and installed this tub. It is very attractive and works well. I was able to talk with factory personnel to answer any installation questions that I had.”

      Meditub 3054 Walk In Tub - 5 Star Review from Julie A. - Verified Purchase

        “What I especially love about this tub is the bubble massage feature. The air jets feel great on my feet and legs and has definitely helped with my arthritis and aching joints. This walk in bathtub has been a godsend. Due to my arthritis I often find it hard to step into a normal bathtub but this beauty right here makes my bath time less stressful and anything that can reduce my stress is great. I love how easily it is to drain this tub. This is the second time that I've purchased products from Meditubs due to their excellent quality.”

        Meditub 2953WCA Wheelchair Accessible Walk In Tub - 5 Star Review from Paul M. - Verified Purchase

          “Project came out beautiful. We bought this walk-in tub because my wife was having trouble getting in and out of our old tub. We also wanted the jets. We have been enjoying it now for about a week and I must say that it has met all my expectations. I Installed this tub myself. I don't recommend it unless you have experience with construction, electrical, and plumbing. I had 30 years of this experience before I retired and feel that I was qualified to do the job.”

          Meditub 3060WCA Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Tub - 5 Stars from Yara F. - Verified Purchase

            “This tub has made my life so much easier. I can walk in, without having to lift achy hips or knees. The seat is comfortable and it is heaven to soak in a tub without having to worry about how I'm going to get out of the tub. It's wonderful. It's beautiful to look at and easy to clean. Works like a charm. BIG upgrade to our home.”

            Meditub 3060SII Step in Tub - 5 Star Review from Pam G. - Verified Purchase

              “Great purchase for my disabled husband. He gets in and sits down with ease which was our main concern.”

              Meditub 3060 Walk-In Bathtub - 5 Star Review from Frank E. - Verified Purchase

                “The customer support was really helpful with everything, the bathtub got delivered in a week and we installed in one day. The bathtub looks great, ready to test waters for the first time.”

                Meditub 3238 Walk In Bathtub - 5 Star Review from Larry P. - Verified Purchase

                  “Essential Walk In Tub - My wife and I are both 65+ years. This solved a problem for us to enter and exit a normal tub. Tub installed when we remodeled the bath room. Only one minor glitch encountered. A pneumatic tube from a switch had come unhooked. Quickly resolved with a call to the manufacturer. One word of caution. Our house was built in 1927 and to drain 50 gal of water quickly can overwhelm a sewage system. This caused some backups. We resolved this by adding a vent valve to the bathroom sink drain. Now drains properly. This was not the tub's fault.”

                  Meditub 3053 Walk In Tub - 5 Star Review from Mark O. - Verified Purchase

                    “Just installed, test twice, very satisfied so far.”

                    Meditub 2952 Walk In Tub - 5 Star Review from Rachael R. - Verified Purchase

                      “We love the tub. It is well built and very solid. It has a powerful whirlpool heater which is very therapeutic. The air tub can work in conjunction with the whirlpool heater but can operate by itself depending on your preference. The tub is quite comfortable and takes a short time to fill. It is quite easy to enter and the door shuts and seals tightly.”

                      Meditub 2747 Walk In Tub - 5 Star Review from Amy K. - Verified Purchase

                        “High quality tub. Really great tub with so many different features. Had a plumber install and it only took a couple hours.”


                        Why we Choose to Become a Certified Dealer of Meditub

                        Meditub Reviews - Meditub Logo

                        Meditub makes high quality, economical walk-in bathtubs that provide a safe, independent, and therapeutic bathing experience. Meditubs are made out of durable materials: they feature solid stainless steel frames with laser precision support points and high-grade marine fiberglass with acrylic or triple gel coating. Each one of Meditub’s walk-in tub models have ADA compliant designs and features like built-in safety grab bars (aka handrails) and low threshold entry. Meditub’s wheelchair accessible tub models also come with chair-height ADA complaint molded bathing seats and wide opening wheelchair accessible doors. Additional safety features include slip resistant textured flooring and low step-in clearance (height from floor to tub’s entryway) of 3.5 in. to 7 inches.

                        MediTub Reviews on Luxury Freestanding Tubs

                        Meditub’s line of walk-in bathtubs are safe for bathing salts and aromatic oils, making them the perfect soaker tub for a relaxing bathing experience. Optional hydrotherapy features like air jets, whirlpool jets and dual therapy (a combination of air bubble jets & whirlpool jets) are also available.

                        A few other reasons why we chose to offer Meditubs to our customers instead of other accessible tub brands:

                        Meditubs are manufactured in the U.S.A.

                        All walk in tubs by Meditub are manufactured in the U.S. Meditubs are assembled, drilled & jetted in the U.S. Sold exclusively through certified dealers (including Luxury Freestanding Tubs), Meditubs have an extensive quality control process, which helps them meet rigorous North American quality standards and regulations and produce some of the best made, top-rated walk-in bathtubs on the U.S. market today.

                          Meditubs have excellent optional hydro therapy features.

                          Meditub accessible tubs are available with optional hydrotherapy features including dual therapy which uses a combination of air jets and whirlpool jets to provide the ultimate therapeutic bathing experience. That makes Meditub the perfect walk in spa tub for seniors suffering from arthritis and joint pain or athletes healing from exercise-related injuries like pulled muscles and ankle sprains. The Meditub line includes a variety of models with a wide range of features, meaning there is truly something for everyone - including those looking for a spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home.

                            Meditubs are compact and easy to install into small spaces and existing enclosures.

                            We love Meditub’s line of walk-in tubs - especially their wheelchair accessible walk-in tub models which are best for wheelchair users and seniors with limited mobility - because they are great for home remodelers and retirees downsizing into smaller homes such as tiny homes and mobile homes. Meditub’s space-saving designs allow for an easy installation process into existing shower stall enclosures or small bathrooms where space for a safety tub is limited. Meditub also makes shower enclosures which are designed to replace existing shower stalls and can fit in small bathrooms.

                              Meditubs have a generous 10-year warranty.

                              All of the Meditub walk in tubs and shower enclosures sold by Luxury Freestanding Tubs come with a solid 10-year warranty included in the price, which covers the bathtub shell, frame and finish. The Meditub warranty is extended to the first user of the tub, to be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal use and conditions. A limited one year warranty is also included, which covers the tub and all its components including motors, electronic controls, waste and overflow, fittings and plated finishes. Labor and repair-related services are covered within the first 90 days of purchase.

                                Meditub specializes in producing accessible tubs - and only accessible tubs.

                                A recent review by AgingInPlace summarizes what sets Meditub apart from their -competitors very well. Unlike other manufacturers of walk in tubs with safety and accessibility features, Meditub only produces “tubs geared toward those with mobility issues and other problems that keep them from bathing safely and easily. In the case of Meditub, this specialization means that they offer a wider variety of models than most manufacturers - including their space-saving 2739 series, which we’ve chosen as the Best Compact walk-in tub for 2019.”


                                Questions about Meditub Accessible Walk-In Bathtubs?

                                Contact us to learn more about Meditubs - or for assistance with choosing the right Meditub walk in tub for your home. Our customer support team is looking forward to assisting you by email, phone (888-503-3805) or chat.

                                by Cassidy Carr