Top 5 Small Clawfoot Tubs for Small Bathrooms

Small Clawfoot Tubs

Small clawfoot tubs are perfect for small bathrooms where space is limited. Whether you are looking for a compact bathtub for your guest bath, apartment, vacation cabin or tiny house, a small clawfoot tub will add vintage style and elegance to your home - without taking up too much space.

Small Clawfoot Tub Dimensions

Small clawfoot tubs are under 5’ (60 inches) long and less than 35 inches wide. Many models under 4’ (48 inches) long are also available, making them perfect for tiny Victorian homes that require vintage fixtures like a claw foot soaking tub and tub filler. Most of our smaller clawfoot tub models have a water capacity of 29-39 gallons (without overflow). With overflow drilled, a tub’s water capacity will be smaller.

Note: mini clawfoot tub models less than 48 inches long usually only have a width of 18-24 inches as well as significantly reduced water capacity (such as 11-21 gallons).

In comparison, standard size freestanding clawfoot tubs are usually 60 to 73 inches long and 30 to 35 inches wide with 30+ water capacity - generally 33-48 gallons (without overflow). Larger freestanding soaking tubs can have a water capacity of 60 gallons or more!

Our Customers’ Top 5 Favorite Small Clawfoot Tubs

The features and dimensions of five of our bestselling small clawfoot tub models are outlined below. All models are under 5’ long. Several super-compact models (less than 4’ long) are included for tiny houses and other home bathrooms that require a luxurious soaking experience and vintage style in small spaces.

5.) Best Small Clawfoot Tub for a Deep Soak

Over the past several years, the Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 53” Cast Iron Slipper Clawfoot Tub has been one of our top bestselling clawfoot tub models.

Perfect for smaller spaces, this 53-inch slipper tub has a deep interior and roomy 45-gallon water capacity so you can still enjoy the warmth and comfort a clawfoot tub has to offer without sacrificing valuable space in your bathroom. The sloped back lets you soak comfortably in a relaxed, natural position. This small clawfoot tub’s Eagle Claw and Ball feet are available in three different types of finishes: Polished Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze or Satin Nickel. This is what one our satisfied customers had to say about this tub: “Deep and comfortable. I am 5'2" and it's perfect for me.”

Overall Dimensions: (L)53"x (W1)27-7/8" x (W2)25" x (H1)27-3/16" x (H2)24-1/2" (± 1/2")

4.) Best Clawfoot Slipper Tub for Small Bathrooms

One of our favorite clawfoot slipper tub designs for small bathrooms, the Barclay Gareth 53” Cast Iron Slipper Freestanding Clawfoot Tub has compact dimensions (53.25"L x 28.25" W), traditional ball and claw feet available in 6 different finishes, and a graceful slipper design that provides a vintage look at a great price.

With a 39-gallon capacity, this slipper tub still provides enough room for a deep soak in a compact space. Our customers rave about this tub’s easy installation, high quality construction, and elegant design.

3.) Best Lightweight Acrylic Clawfoot Tub for Small Bathrooms

Acrylic is a lightweight, durable material which makes it an excellent choice for a contemporary clawfoot tub. Because they are so lightweight, small acrylic clawfoot tubs can be installed pretty much anywhere unlike cast iron tubs which may require reinforcing the floor of a second-floor bathroom in an older home.

With its petite dimensions of 43-1/2" L x 24-1/2" W x 28-1/2” H the Barclay Cyrano 44" Acrylic Slipper Tub (SKU variation: ATSN44-WH-BN) is one of the most lightweight and compact-sized clawfoot tubs available. This tub only weighs 66 lbs (empty weight) and has a 21 gallon water capacity without overflow. Overflow can be drilled free of charge.

2.) Smallest Clawfoot Tub

With diminutive dimensions of 31-1/2" L X 18-1/4"W X 14" H and 11 gallon water capacity, the Barclay Picasso 32” Double Roll Copper Clawfoot Tub is currently the smallest clawfoot tub that we sell. Featuring a classic double roll top design and constructed out of antique hammered copper, this gorgeous mini clawfoot tub is perfect for a child's bathroom, log cabin master bath or rustic tiny house. Weighing only 50 lbs. (empty weight) this hand-crafted, hand-polished tub is lightweight, durable, and beautiful. Since copper is a living finish and will patina over time, this tub will only get more lovely with age!

1.) Traditional Clawfoot Tub for Small Bathrooms

Many people searching for a clawfoot tub want to find one that emulates the traditional clawfoot tub style that has been sought after by homeowners since the 18 th century. While double ended rolled rim cast iron clawfoot tubs are ideal for two people and provide a classic, vintage look, they are generally 60+ inches long and take up a lot of room. A smaller bathroom requiring a tub under 5’ (60 inches) can still feature a clawfoot tub with a classic look, however.

Our bestselling Barclay Addison 48" Cast Iron Roll Top Tub is an elegant cast iron roll top tub with a gentle slope on one side that makes it easy to lounge back and relax. A one-person clawfoot tub that still provides vintage style and a traditional look, the Barclay Addison’s dimensions (48" L X 30" W X 20-1/2” H) and 29 gallon capacity makes it a space-saving tub that is anything but short on style.

Freestanding Tub Fillers for Small Clawfoot Tubs

For small clawfoot tub models that don’t come packaged with a freestanding tub filler, we suggest a vintage British telephone style filler like the ANZZI Tugela Series 3-Handle Claw Foot Tub Faucet with Hand Shower or a more contemporary style freestanding tub filler like a gooseneck swivel spout freestanding tub filler by Barclay (available in Brushed Nickel or Polished Chrome).

For assistance with selecting the best freestanding clawfoot tub for your bathroom, please contact us anytime via email, phone (888-503-3805) or chat.


by Cassidy Carr