Freestanding Slipper Tub Guide – How to Select the Most Comfortable Bathtub for Your Budget

Freestanding Slipper Tub Guide

The freestanding slipper tub is one of the most popular, iconic, and comfortable freestanding tub styles. Traditional clawfoot slipper tubs have been sought after for their luxury and elegance since the 19 th century. Today’s modern slipper tubs feature clean, minimalist lines and high backrests for extra comfort. The simple, aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic design of a freestanding slipper tub is ideal for long soak after a tough day.


What is a Slipper Tub?

Freestanding slipper tubs have a high back that allows you to rest your head, neck, and back while bathing. If you are looking for a comfortable tub that provides the support you need to relax, read, and bathe, then a freestanding slipper tub is the perfect tub for you.

Slipper tubs are available in easy-to-maintain and durable materials like acrylic, solid surface stone, copper, and cast iron.

When choosing the best slipper tub for your bathroom, you’ll need to consider several popular design styles including single slipper tubs and double slipper tubs.


Freestanding Slipper Tub Guide

Modern Slipper Tub

Modern slipper tubs feature clean, simple lines and a high backrest. Modern freestanding slipper tubs are a work of art, providing an attractive focal point for modern, transitional, and contemporary style bathrooms. Unlike more traditional slipper tubs, modern slipper tubs are designed to sit flat on the floor – they aren’t elevated by a pedestal base or claw feet.

For a dramatic, ultra-modern look, consider the Barclay Products Britta 73” Resin Slipper Tub (shown here) which features an extra high backrest.


Freestanding Double Slipper Tub

If you want good support on both sides of the tub, then you may want to consider purchasing a double slipper bathtub. Double slipper tubs feature a gentle slope at both ends so you can relax on either side. Large double slipper tubs are designed to fit two occupants.

The double slipper tub makes it easy to rest your head and put your feet up at the same time. Many double slipper tub models are also long enough and wide enough for two people to use at the same time - perfect for a relaxing, romantic soak with your significant other.


Clawfoot Slipper Tub


Clawfoot slipper tubs are a great choice for traditional or transitional style bathrooms including farmhouse chic bathrooms. These slipper tubs are slightly elevated by ornate claw feet available in a range of finishes (including white, black, chrome, and bronze). Because they are elevated off the floor, clawfoot slipper tubs are an ideal choice for bathers who require a freestanding tub with easier access.


Some clawfoot slipper tub designs feature a roll top which provides a great vintage look. With roll top slipper tubs, the edges of the tub’s rolled rim are slightly curved to provide a more rounded look.

Double slipper clawfoot tubs are also available for bathers looking for a truly ergonomic design that will support your back and give you the option to elevate your feet while bathing.

If you are looking for a slipper tub with shower, then a clawfoot slipper tub is one of the best options available. Clawfoot tub kits provide a convenient way to add a shower to your freestanding clawfoot slipper tub.


Pedestal Slipper Tub

Pedestal slipper tubs are a popular contemporary design style, featuring an elegant pedestal base that elevates the tub slightly off the floor. According to HGTV, instead of traditional claw feet, "pedestal tub designs use a plinth or pedestal to raise the bathtub from the floor. These are a modern take on a traditional soaker tub…"

If you need a contemporary freestanding tub with easier access - or just love the graceful, transitional look of a pedestal tub - consider purchasing either a pedestal slipper tub or pedestal double slipper tub.


Jetted Slipper Tub

Jetted slipper tubs are a unique freestanding tub design. Featuring therapeutic hydro or air jets and a comfortable backrest, these tubs can be installed anywhere in your bathroom near drain and water hookups. That makes them a great choice for remodelers looking to transform their bathroom into a home spa, without spending a lot of money.

One of our most popular jetted slipper tub models is the EAGO 6’ Freestanding Air Bubble Bathtub (shown here) which features a state-of-the-art air blower motor that releases tingling air bubbles and chromotherapy lights.


Common Slipper Tub Sizes

Because of their comfortable ergonomic design and simple, clean look, slipper tubs are one of the most popular freestanding tub shapes. Bestselling slipper tub sizes include the 60” slipper tub and the 72” slipper tub.

60” Slipper Tub – One of our most highly reviewed 60” slipper tub designs is the Barclay Estselle 60” Premium Acrylic Slipper Freestanding Tub. Built out of lightweight yet durable acrylic, this classic clawfoot slipper tub is attractive and comfortable. The 60 inch length of this tub makes it easy to fit into smaller bathrooms – yet still provides plenty of room for soaking.

There are eight finish options available for the attached and leveled ball and claw feet. Tub colors available include bisque and white. The outside of this tub can also be painted to match the décor of your bathroom.

72” Slipper Tub  – The Kingston Brass 72” Cast Iron Double Slipper Pedestal Freestanding Bathtub is a customer favorite. The extra-long length and double slipper design allow both ends to be utilized with great comfort and can fit two people comfortably. Hand-smoothed painted cast iron with white porcelain enamel interior and pedestal base provides elegance and sophistication at an affordable price.


Let us Guide You Into the Best Freestanding Slipper Tub for You!

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