100+ Bathtub Colors Available – Custom Color Freestanding Tubs

100+ Bathtub Colors Available – Custom Color Freestanding Tubs

Choosing the exact right bathtub color may be the key to creating the bathroom of your dreams!

Yet most freestanding tubs are still only available in plain white. Acrylic bathtub colors typically range from bright white to off-white, cream or biscuit to black. Navy blue or dark green bathtubs are occasionally available as well.

However, if you are looking for a truly unique tub color like plum or burnt orange, very few options are available in designer showrooms or retail stores. This limited range of bathtub colors can make it difficult to find a tub that will match a specific bathroom color palette.

Whether you are looking for a specific bathtub color to match a color scheme, or you just need a pop of color to complement your décor, a custom painted bathtub could be the best choice.

Luxury Freestanding Tubs is excited to announce that the Barclay custom paint upgrade is now available for all of Barclay’s acrylic and cast iron tub models.


Designer Bathtub Colors

Choose from popular bathtub colors (100+ bathtub colors available) including the popular  Bisque and  Black.

By selecting this upgrade prior to purchasing a Barclay acrylic or cast iron tub from our online catalog, Barclay will coat the exterior of any of their cast iron or acrylic tub models with the color of your choice from the Sherwin-Williams color palette of Marine coatings.


What are Marine Coatings?

With 150+ years of experience, Sherwin-Williams is a leading manufacturer of Protective and Marine coatings used for maritime and industrial applications. Marine paints like the Sherwin-Williams 4000 series are used to coat the exterior of boats and other surfaces that have constant exposure to water. These oil-based paints create waterproof, corrosion-resistant protective layers that can withstand humidity, fresh water, and salt water.


Who is Barclay?

Barclay is a designer bathtub and fixtures manufacturer, known for their elegant, contemporary designs and affordable prices. They have been manufacturing tub-to-shower conversion kits since the 1930s. Today, their product line features 500+ kitchen & bath fixtures including premium freestanding tubs and faucets.

Barclay acrylic freestanding tubs and Barclay cast iron tubs are some of our top selling freestanding bathtub models – that’s because these high-quality tubs are elegant, durable, easy-to-clean, and economical. Popular freestanding tub styles in these long lasting, easy-to-maintain materials include clawfoot, slipper, rectangular, oval, and round. While most Barclay acrylic or cast iron tubs are available in standard white, black or bisque (a neutral off-white), the exterior of these tubs can be painted any color from hot pink to mint green to royal red or purple for an additional fee.


What is the Cost to Change the Color of a Bathtub?

The cost to change the color of a Barclay bathtub ranges from $160-$250. Click here to view the current pricing for changing the color of a Barclay acrylic bathtub or cast iron bathtub from default white to black, bisque or another color.


Popular Bathtub Colors Available for Barclay Freestanding Tubs

Some fantastic Barclay tub and custom paint color combinations for 2022 include:


Barclay Bartlett Cast Iron Roll Top Tub in Blueprint (SW 4056)

Blueprint Bathtub Color

Blueprint is a deep navy blue bathtub color. A classic navy blue clawfoot tub with white interior and white tub feet creates a stunning focal point for a coastal style bathroom.

For a light blue colored bathtub, consider softer blue tones like Hydro Blue (SW 4061), Cool Blue (SW 4053) or Current (SW 4058). Conductor Blue (SW 4059), a deep coastal blue, is another popular color choice for a custom blue bathtub.


Barclay Beecher Cast Iron Roll Top Clawfoot Tub in Galvano (SW 4027)

Bathtub Colors Galvano

Galvano is a gorgeous soft gray color by Sherwin-Williams. This gray and white painted clawfoot tub will look right at home in a modern farmhouse style bathroom.

Other great greys by Sherwin-Williams to consider include SW 4025 (Anchor Gray), SW 4020 (Zephyr), and SW 4030 (Nickel).


Barclay Nemo 67” Acrylic Double Slipper Tub in Gold (B65YW551)

Bathtub Colors Gold

For modern, luxe, maximalist or transitional style bathrooms in need of a stunning focal point, this sleek double slipper tub in gold is a great choice. The yellowish orange hue is a bright, bold color that will draw focus - or complement a black and gold design scheme.


Barclay Duet Cast Iron Double Roll Freestanding Tub in Cylinder Cream (SW 4005)

Bathtub Colors Cream

Looking for a bone colored or cream bathtub to match your décor – without sacrificing great contemporary style? The Barclay Duet pedestal tub in Cylinder Cream by Sherwin-Williams is understated, elegant and perfect for an off-white and light beige bathroom color scheme.


Barclay Wilshire 59” Round Acrylic Tub in Rotor Turquoise (SW 4066)

Bathtub Colors Turquoise

For designers and homeowners searching for the perfect turquoise bathtub, this roomy, round freestanding tub by Barclay in deep blue-green is an exquisite choice.

Other great blue-green hues for coastal, boho chic, Mediterranean, or California casual color schemes include Toggle Green (SW 4057) and Techno Teal (SW 4065).


Barclay 68” Wakely Cast Iron Freestanding Pedestal Tub in Enviro Green (SW 4024)

Bathtub Colors Enviro Green

This dark green-gray color provides a sophisticated, contemporary look. For designers searching to incorporate trendy sage or gray-green colors into bathroom design projects, Enviro Green is an understated yet striking custom tub color worth considering.

For additional bathtub color ideas, check out Barclay’s Custom Painted Tubs Gallery

Or browse the Sherwin-Williams Marine Coating Color Palette.


100+ Bathtub Colors Available – Custom Color Freestanding Tubs

If you are interested in a custom color bathtub by Barclay, contact our customer service team before or after placing an order to specify which designer color you would like.

by Cassidy Carr