Air Tubs


From homeowners to spa enthusiasts, air tubs have found a niche with people all over the world. The idea for the air tub was incepted in the 80s in Europe to provide therapeutic massages in hospitals. A few years later, it was introduced to the commercial market.

Air tubs, as the name implies, uses numerous air jets to shoot bubbles, that some describe as a thousand tiny massaging fingers, for a relaxing sensation. An air tub massage has numerous benefits that include relaxing muscles, releasing tension, and activating the lymphatic system, among others. The designs available are infinite to accommodate diverse consumer preferences.

Construction of Air Tubs

Air tubs and whirlpool tubs prove confusing to most consumers. Their main difference is the mechanism in which they operate. Simply put, an air tub makes water bubbles with air (no water circulates through the system) while a whirlpool shoots jets of water. The bubbles produced by air tubs do not provide as much force for a deep massage as whirlpools but are still highly relaxing.

The traditionally themed air tubs are made from a heavy yet elegant cast iron material for a medieval era look. Famous for their light weight, scratch resistance, durability, and glossy shine, Acrylic is the material commonly used on modern and contemporary style air tubs. The other material options available include fiberglass, copper, wood, and stone.

An air tub is comprised of four main parts – the pump, the tub, the air manifold and the controls. The air pump has a fan that sucks in air from outside into the air manifold. The air manifold is a tube where the air gets heated before being sent into the body of the tub.

The tub has holes that emit this air in the form of bubbles that rise to the water surface to create a gentle massaging effect. An air tub has a fixed hole placement that determines the massage action. Each jet is strategically installed within the tub to offer maximum comfort, especially to the lower back, hips and legs.

Designed to be ergonomic, air tubs have a control panel to adjust settings like the water temperature, air pressure, aromatherapy and chromotherapy, digital stereo sound and a hoard of other features. Not everyone relaxes the same way. Some prefer a soft and caressing massage while for others, it is a firm massage that does the job. Luckily, most, if not all, of them allow the bather to adjust the speed and type of massage for an experience that is entirely adaptable to your needs.

Design, Shapes and Sizes

Air tubs come in kinds of shapes and configurations. These tubs take a variety of forms from the classic round or oval to the modern sleek-lined rectangular or square air tub. The freestanding air tubs usually have feet, a pedestal or rest on their bases, and allow for a variety of style and placement options.

A clawfoot air tub elegantly combines vintage with modern to give an experience marked by ancient designs and advanced technology. Soaker air tubs give double the comfort with their deeper walls allowing you to be fully immersed in water. The other options include drop-in, corner, and three-alcove air tubs.

For those looking for a middle ground between air and whirlpool tub, introducing the combo tub. This tub is the hydrotherapy ultimate. The whirlpool jets give a massaging effect that relaxes the muscles while the air jets produce effervescent bubbles that gently soothe the skin for an unforgettable experience.

Air tubs, especially those made from acrylic, offer a wide range of colors and finishing that include: gold, black, antique bronze, brass metallic, white, polished chrome and satin nickel, among others.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Air Tubs

Air tubs are easy to clean and maintain. These tubs are designed to be self-drying. Draining the tub and leaving the air jet running after use completely dries the tub preventing mildew growth.

Also, each tub comes with specific cleaning instructions. All you have to do is go through them and do as they say. Even though bath salts and oils rarely clog the holes of air tubs, discretion and moderation are advised.

Nothing else lets you transform your home into luxurious spa heaven quite like air tubs. With their intricately crafted designs and features, they are destined to give you that well deserved calm and balance.

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