Soaking Tubs


Romantic, indulgent and soothing, soaking tubs create the perfect personal sanctuary. These tubs bring to your home the luxuriating and soothing bath experience found in exotic spas.

But what exactly is a soaking tub? While there are no standard rules to define what constitutes a soaking tub fully, depth is the primary factor. A soaking tub is larger than a regular bathtub and holds deeper water for quality relaxation purposes. No one wants to relax with part of the legs or top out of the water after all. Available in a stunning array of designs, soaking tubs easily become bathroom centerpieces.

Construction of Soaking Tubs

An average soaking tub ranges from 60 to 72 inches in length and holds approximately 200 to 250 gallons of water. Soaking tubs with a minimum water depth of 14 to 15 inches deep are enough to cover most, if not all of a person's frame with some going more than 22 inches deep.

Soaking tubs come in different varieties. These include Roman tubs which are fitted onto a deck, garden tubs, which can be placed outside or in a sunroom with a garden view, and Japanese tubs, which are the deepest of them all and have enough room for a bather to soak his or her entire body.

The material used to make a soaking tub is also an essential factor. Traditional soaking tubs are made of cast iron, copper, and porcelain. A cast iron deep soaking tub is a timeless choice for any house as it offers a clean, will-never-go-out-of-style feel. Copper soaking tubs are a sight to behold with rustic shiny well-done surfaces.

Modern materials used to make soakings tubs are fiberglass, acrylic, and stainless steel. Acrylic soaking tubs are a favorite among many owing to their light-weight, ease of cleaning and variety of finishes. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is perfect for short-term needs as it tends to wear out faster than the rest. Stainless steel gives these tubs a priceless metallic mirror-like shine and blends well with a modern or transitional bathroom.

Soaking tubs are available as single-or two-person tubs. A two person soaking tub is what you and your loved one need to enjoy a nice, romantic soak without compromising on comfort.

Modern soaking tubs are fitted with air jets, aromatherapy features, and temperature control. The air jets gently massage the body as you enjoy the warm waters and sweet-smelling aromas. A freestanding deep soaking tub with an air bath feature would make an excellent addition to your space.

Designs, Shapes and Sizes of Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs come in all shapes and sizes and models. The slipper, double-slipper and double-ended soaking tub are an actual embodiment of vintage wonder with curves and elongation that suit a country or traditional style home. Square and rectangular shaped soaking tubs are suitable for a modern and contemporary styled bathroom or patio.

Some soaking tubs rest on feet while others sit directly on the floor. The vintage clawfoot soaking tub has bear, imperial or lion claw designs for feet with newer variations including round or square feet among other endless shapes. A modern freestanding soaking tub design ranges from the pedestal style to the wood and tiled constructions.

Most, if not all, of the soaking tubs have overflow features that keep water from accidentally spilling out over the tub and flooding the area. But for those with no overflow drain, be sure not to overfill your tubs.

Getting in out of a deep tub may be a challenge, especially for people with physical restrictions. Consider adding a set of steps or an integral seat that will make tub access a more natural experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Soaking Tubs

To fully enjoy the beauty and comfort that comes with soaking tubs, ensure they are kept clean and in tip-top condition. The level of care will highly depend on the material used to make the tub with Acrylic being the easiest to clean. Stainless steel soaking tubs should remain spotless while constant refinishing of vintage bathtubs should be done to keep them as good as new.

Soaking tubs are the perfect stress relievers they effortlessly create the ultimate luxury bathroom. Designed with relaxation and comfort in mind, soaking tubs are a splendid addition to any home.

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