Top 5 Rustic Bathtub Ideas for 2022

Top 5 Rustic Bathtub Ideas for 2022

A rustic bathtub is a key fixture that can complete a traditional rustic, French country, cottage, or farmhouse style bathroom. Typically constructed out of natural materials like copper or cedar wood, popular rustic tub styles include vintage clawfoot bathtubs, metal trough tubs or stock tank soaking tubs in galvanized steel, barrel-shaped wooden tubs, and French bateau tubs. Interior design styles that incorporate both rustic and modern elements, like modern farmhouse or modern rustic, typically feature either a traditional clawfoot tub or modern freestanding tub.

The best rustic bathtubs are attractive, durable, and budget friendly freestanding soaking tubs built out of natural materials like wood, copper, or cast iron. Our top 5 rustic bathtub ideas for 2022 will complement any bathroom design style that requires a warm touch of classic rustic charm.

Alfi Brand 63” Freestanding Cedar Wooden Bathtub

A wooden soaking tub is deep enough for a soothing soak yet compact enough to fit in a small bathroom. Quintessentially rustic (a great way to incorporate wood into your bathroom design), a cedar wood soaking tub is also ultra portable and easy to install. This 63” solid cedar wood bathtub by Alfi Brand is re-enforced by durable electroplated iron wraps which are painted gold and black to create a classic, rustic look.

Cambridge Plumbing Cast Iron Double Ended Clawfoot Tub

TOP 5 RUSTIC BATHTUB IDEAS FOR 2022 - Cambridge Plumbing Cast Iron

An old-fashioned clawfoot tub is a great choice for many different interior design styles, ranging from country chic to cottage style. The 60”x30” double ended clawfoot bathtub in cast iron by Cambridge Plumbing is an elegant choice that provides a beautiful vintage look. Featuring solid cast iron construction, a white porcelain interior, and graceful claw feet, this spacious tub is perfect for a rustic main bathroom or en suite.

Barclay Galileo Double Slipper Freestanding Copper Tub

TOP 5 RUSTIC BATHTUB IDEAS FOR 2022 - Galileo Copper Tub

This rustic, romantic double slipper soaking tub in copper and nickel by Barclay is spectacular and unforgettable. The exterior is mirrored mosaic over antique copper and the interior is built out of hammered nickel. A decorative base in included. With a generous 97-gallon capacity, you’ll want to spend hours soaking in this beautiful freestanding copper tub.

Barclay Fernando Cast Iron Bateau Freestanding Tub with Riveted Skirt

TOP 5 RUSTIC BATHTUB IDEAS FOR 2022 - Fernando Rivited Tub

Timeless yet fashionable, this cast iron bateau style bathtub with riveted metal skirt by Barclay would look right at home in any farmhouse – or 18 th century French country estate. This rustic tub will make a gorgeous addition to any traditional or transitional style bathroom.

Barclay Lawson 66” Copper Slipper Tub with Brass Claw Feet

TOP 5 RUSTIC BATHTUB IDEAS FOR 2022 - Lawson Copper Tub

This rustic clawfoot tub design by Barclay has a smooth antique copper exterior and interior. Hand polished 16-gauge copper will develop a beautiful patina over time. Exquisite brass claw feet complete the design. This tub will make a stunning focal point in a traditional rustic bathroom design.

Best Freestanding Bathtubs for Rustic Bathroom Designs

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by Cassidy Carr