Top Bathtub & Bathroom Fixture Trends for 2024

Top Bathtub & Bathroom Fixture Trends for 2024

A lot has changed since we last wrote about bathtub trends back in 2021.

While freestanding flatbottom tubs with a streamlined minimalist design are still highly popular with homeowners in the U.S., design elements that evoke nature (such as deep curved soaking tubs and bathroom sinks and vanities made from organic materials like copper and natural wood) are increasingly popular in modern and transitional bathroom designs.

Accessibility and sustainability in bathroom design are other major trends that are influencing the type of bathroom fixtures and features selected by home remodelers and interior designers.

Some key bathtub and bathroom fixture trends that are expected to continue to rise in popularity in 2024 include:


On-Trend Bathrooms Feature Organic Modern Style Fixtures

A top bathroom design style right now is modern or contemporary design with “an organic, natural influence,” according to Real Simple magazine. Natural wood bathroom vanities, including floating wood vanities, are especially popular with U.S. consumers. So are vanity tops and sinks made from natural materials like marble, quartz, or copper as well as bathroom fixtures that feature organic curves and rounded edges.


Matte Black & Brushed Brass Fixtures/Hardware Are Widely Popular

When it comes to bathroom faucet and fixture finishes, matte black and brushed brass are both currently trending. Brushed nickel finish faucets and hardware are also popular with interior designers. Bar pulls are currently the most popular style of door handle for upgraded bathroom cabinets and vanities.

Bathroom fixtures and furniture with fluted or reeded details are also on-trend for 2024. Designers and homeowners who favor this look may choose a fluted vanity cabinet or fluted basin sink to incorporate into their bathroom design. Knurled cabinet hardware and bathroom fixtures with hand-hammered details are also expected to rise in popularity in 2024.


Accessible Walk-In Tubs Are In-Demand with Aging Households

America is graying – and that’s having an impact on bathroom layout and design preferences in the United States. According to the 2023 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, homeowners are increasingly adding safety features to their bathrooms that make it easier to age in place. Some of the top bathroom remodel features that address aging in place include grab bars, curbless showers, ADA-compliant toilets, and wheelchair-accessible doorways. Accessible walk-in tubs for seniors (with safety and accessibility features like built-in grab bars, slip resistant textured flooring, and wide-opening wheelchair accessible doors) are also increasingly in demand with U.S. consumers.


Sustainable Bathroom Fixtures: A Top Choice Among Home Remodelers

The latest Houzz Bathroom Trends Study published in the fall of 2023 also indicates that more homeowners are incorporating sustainable fixtures and features into their bathroom remodels. This includes water saving, low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets and energy-efficient LED lightbulbs and light dimmers. 44% of U.S. homeowners surveyed by Houzz also indicated that they chose a timeless design style to improve the sustainability of their bathroom remodels. Quality, classic fixtures and materials such as cast iron clawfoot tubs and rustic wood accents can help create a timeless design aesthetic that won’t appear dated in a few years.

Incorporating recycled building materials into your bathroom design is another cost-effective way to reduce the carbon footprint of a remodel. Many homeowners choose a freestanding soaking tub made out of premium, highly-durable materials like cast iron, copper, or concrete that will last for decades. Selecting bathroom fixtures (such as sinks) made from inherently sustainable materials like bamboo can also help make a bathroom remodel more environmentally friendly.

Bidets are another type of bathroom fixture that can help lower your carbon footprint by reducing paper waste and water waste. In fact, bidets are considered to be a “key green technology” that is utilized by countries around the world.


Freestanding Oval Soaking Tubs Are Trending in 2024

The latest bathroom trends study from Houzz suggests that soaking tubs are still a top premium bathroom feature frequently selected by home remodelers. A recent survey of bath industry professionals conducted by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) also indicates that soaking tubs are a luxury bathroom fixture that homeowners are willing to splurge on. According to a summary of the NKBA 2024 Bath Trend Report, “Freestanding and soaking units will be the most popular types of bathtubs, with oval shapes being the most prominent.”

Freestanding oval soaking tubs are increasingly popular with U.S. consumers because they combine form and function. Their graceful design features smooth, soft curves that are currently trending in bathroom design. And the gently sloping sides of a freestanding oval tub also provides exceptional ergonomic support and comfort.

Most homeowners choose to purchase a freestanding soaking tub with a white interior and exterior. Black freestanding tubs are also a popular choice for modern style bathrooms. However, bold color freestanding tubs and sinks are expected to increase in popularity with designers and homeowners in 2024. As all-white bathrooms have begun to fall out of style, colors that are often incorporated into bathroom designs include cool earth tones like emerald or sage green and warm neutrals like beige.


Modern Clawfoot Tubs Elevate Transitional Bathroom Designs

Transitional style bathrooms are highly popular with consumers right now, according to both the NKBA 2024 Bath Trend Report and the 2023 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study. The transitional design style combines modern and traditional design elements to create a warm, inviting space with a timeless look.

A transitional bathroom incorporates traditional style bathtubs and fixtures like clawfoot tubs and pedestal sinks in addition to contemporary or modern style bathroom furniture and décor. An understated modern style clawfoot tub is the perfect focal point to tie together an elegant transitional style bathroom.


Embrace the Spa Bathroom Trend with Luxury Fixtures & Features

Spa-like bathrooms have become increasingly popular with consumers over the past few years as they seek relaxation and simple luxury at home.

Spa-like bathroom fixtures (like deep round soaker tubs, jetted tubs, waterfall tub fillers, and dual shower heads or rainfall shower heads) are often incorporated into luxury bathroom remodels. Other spa bathroom features that are popular in high-end bathroom remodels include cold plunge tubs and wet rooms that feature a steam shower system and freestanding soaking tub.


Additional Bathtub & Bathroom Fixture Trends for 2024

In 2024, interior designers and bath industry professionals expect to see more homeowners purchase backlit mirrors, self-cleaning smart toilets, and filtered shower heads. Filtered shower heads can help remove hard water, chlorine, and other impurities that contribute to dry skin and damaged hair.

Other predictions: custom and semicustom bathroom vanities featuring double undermount sinks, shaker cabinet doors, and soft-close drawers will continue to be popular with home remodelers in 2024. And homeowners that upgrade their bathtubs in 2024 will continue to opt for a separate shower and soaking tub (as long as they have enough space to accommodate this type of layout).

The latest study of U.S. bathroom trends published by Houzz in 2023 indicates that 33% of bathroom remodelers upgrade their bathtub. Those homeowners that do upgrade their bathtubs often opt for premium features not found in a standard alcove-style tub. Luxury bathtub features that home remodelers select most frequently (that we expect to remain popular in 2024) include: spacious soaking tubs with enough space for two people; whirlpool or air jet tubs; and high-tech bathtubs with built-in lighting and speakers. A jetted soaking tub for two with built-in chromotherapy lighting like the EAGO AM196ETL Whirlpool Tub for 2 combines all of these sought-after features in one comfortable, attractive, and affordable luxury bathtub.


Top Bathtub & Bathroom Fixture Trends for 2024

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by Cassidy Carr