5 Safe & Affordable Walk-In Tubs for Seniors

Affordable Walk-In Tubs for Seniors

Walk-in tubs have many benefits for senior citizens who want to age in place, like low entry thresholds that allow for safe entry and exit. This can help reduce the risk of falls in the bathroom. Additional features of walk-in tubs for seniors that help reduce the risk of slips and falls during bathing include slip-resistant flooring to help prevent falls while standing up; contoured built-in seating that provides seniors with a safe, comfortable, stable place to sit while bathing; and built-in grab bars aka safety bars to help bathers maintain balance while entering or exiting the tub. These safety features are especially important for elderly people who have balance problems or orthopedic conditions. Many walk-in tub models also feature wide-opening wheelchair accessible doors that can help provide a safe and independent bathing experience for seniors who use mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers.

By providing a safer and more accessible bathing experience, walk-in tubs enable seniors to bathe independently without needing assistance from caregivers or family members. This can help seniors maintain their dignity and autonomy while enhancing their overall quality of life.

Walk-in soaking tubs also provide therapeutic benefits for elderly people. Immersion bathing in warm water can relax muscles and reduce stress, improve circulation and lower blood pressure, clear sinuses to improve breathing, and improve sleep, among other health benefits. Many walk-in tub models also come equipped with hydrotherapy jets, which help massage muscles, ease tension, and promote mental and physical relaxation. Jetted walk-in tubs are often used by seniors to alleviate joint pain and stiffness, muscle soreness, and other common ailments associated with aging.


The Best Walk-In Tubs for a Safe & Independent Bathing Experience

Meditubs are some of the most affordable and well-equipped walk-in tubs for seniors on the market today. Meditub's walk-in bathtubs are designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient bathing experience for people with limited mobility and accessibility needs including senior citizens and wheelchair users. Meditubs are designed and constructed to easily fit into your existing bathroom and make it easier to age safely in place at home.

Meditubs feature a watertight door seal system to prevent water leaking that’s guaranteed for life as well as an enhanced drainage system which permits bathers to get out of the bathtub sooner.

Standard Meditubs make excellent therapeutic soaking tubs for senior citizens. Air jets and/or whirlpool jets can also be added to any Meditub model, which is ideal for seniors who are searching for a quality and affordable hydrotherapy walk-in tub. A wall surround kit can be used to transform a Meditub into a walk-in tub with shower.

The exact model of walk-in tub you choose will depend on what size tub you need, accessibility needs, and other considerations. Some of the most popular walk-in tubs for seniors include:


Best Compact Walk-In Tub for Seniors



MediTub 2646 Series 26 x 46 x 38 Compact Walk-In Bathtub


The 2646 walk-in tub model was recently selected by the National Council on Aging as the best walk-in tub for small spaces. This accessible and affordable walk-in tub is manufactured in the U.S. by Meditub. Made from high grade marine fiberglass with triple gel coating, the 2646 Series Walk-In Tub features a 26x46 compact, free-standing design, which gives users an option of placing it into an existing bathtub opening or placing the walk-in tub anywhere in the room. Choose from Back to Wall, 2 Wall or Alcove installation. Add air jets and/or whirlpool jets to this soaking tub for additional therapeutic benefits.

This walk-in tub features an inward swinging door, ADA compliant molded bathing seat (Seat Height: 17"), safety grab bar, and low threshold entry (Step Height: 6").


Best Large Walk-In Tub for Seniors

Looking for a bariatric walk-in tub for seniors? The Meditub 3660 is our largest bariatric walk-in tub. It is ideal for replacing existing shower stalls and can also be used in small bathrooms. The built-in grab bar, 17” (chair-height) contoured ADA compliant seat with a full sized, curved door means you won't find yourself struggling to stand or sit. Space and comfort won’t be compromised! This large walk in tub is constructed out of industrial grade fiberglass with a triple gel coat finish. The durable stainless steel frame is adjustable for easy installation and leveling.


Best Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Tub for Seniors

MediTub 3060WCA Series 30 x 60 x 42 Walk-In Bathtub


The wheelchair accessible Meditub 3060WCA walk-in tub is designed with an ADA compliant 21” contoured bathing seat permitting the ability to slide in with ease. This roomy slide-in tub features low threshold entry and an outward swinging, wide opening wheelchair accessible door. This tub is Hoyer Lift Accessible. It provides the luxury of bathing and showering alone all while maintaining security and independence. This walk-in tub includes a built-in grab bar for added safety and stability and slip resistant textured flooring for safety and comfort.


Best Walk-In Tub with Jets for Seniors

MediTub 3053 Series 30 x 53 x 38 Walk-In Bathtub


This popular, modestly priced, and highly reviewed jetted walk-in tub is available in several variations including Deluxe Hydro, Air System, or Dual Massage System (a combination of both whirlpool and air systems).

Meditub’s Deluxe Hydro Massage System includes a 1HP pump, directional and adjustable water jets, and an inline heater. The water massage jets have a 360-degree range of motion to provide maximum comfort and versatility. The included inline heater maintains a consistent water temperature for extended warm and comfortable bathing.

Meditub’s self-cleaning Air Jet System includes a warm air blower and air bubble massage jets. The air jets are adjustable up to three speeds.

Meditub’s innovative Dual Massage System combines the Deluxe Hydro Massage & Air Systems to provide a truly luxurious, relaxing, and therapeutic bathing experience. Air switch controls make adjusting water flow and jet options as easy as touching a button.


Best Overall Walk-In Tub for Seniors

MediTub 2653 Series 26 x 53 x 38 Walk-In Bathtub


Our customers love this walk-in tub – in fact, one reviewer wrote that this tub is “a real life saver.”

This clever walk-in bathtub fits into smaller places most other soaking bathtubs won't, making it practical and convenient while still providing the comfort and luxury you want in your walk-in tub. One of the lowest priced walk-in tub models available in our collection, this accessible soaking tub can be customized with air jets, whirlpool jets, or a dual massage system.

The 2653 walk-in bathtub is constructed from durable fiberglass with a triple gel coat finish and features a stainless steel frame with 8 laser precision support points that is adjustable for easy installation and leveling. Features include a built-in safety bar, low threshold entry, inward swinging door, slip resistant textured flooring, and a 17” (chair-height) ADA compliant seat for ease of getting up and down. This safe and affordable walk-in tub for seniors meets the standards for UL, CSA, ANSI and IAPMO.

We offer free shipping, free warranty, and price match guarantee on this durable, comfortable, space-saving walk-in tub that’s ideal for seniors and anyone else who needs a safe, affordable bathtub.


Affordable Walk-In Tubs for Seniors by Meditub: A Smart Investment

An affordable and safe walk-in tub is a sound investment in your future.

We’re proud to feature Meditub walk-in tubs and slide-in tubs in our collection of freestanding tubs that can be shipped directly to your home or business. That’s because Meditubs are manufactured in the U.S. and are known for their durability, quality, and affordable price point (between $2,000-$5,000, depending on options and accessories). All Meditub models come with a free 10-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

Walk-in tubs are meant to be a safe and comfortable bathing solution. However, many imported walk-in tubs do not meet North American quality standards and regulations. All Meditub walk-in bathtubs are certified to industry standards such as UL, ASME, CSA and more. In addition, all Meditub products, accessories, and components (including door opening thresholds; safety grab bars; and molded walk-in unit seats) are built with adherence to ADA Standards and Requirements.


To learn more about Meditub walk-in tubs, check out our guide to Meditub reviews. Or contact our Customer Service team for assistance with selecting the best Meditub walk-in tub for your bathroom.

by Cassidy Carr