7 Best Luxury Bathtubs for 2024

7 Best Luxury Bathtubs for 2024

The best luxury bathtubs are spacious, ergonomically designed, and crafted out of premium, highly durable materials like elegant hand hammered copper, sleek solid surface stone resin, and satin-smooth concrete.

Luxury bathtubs are defined by their expert craftmanship and unique artistic designs. Luxurious designer bathtubs often feature organic shapes, sleek lines, and exquisite details and finishes. Many luxury bathtubs are sculptural bathtubs that function as a statement piece for your bathroom.

When it comes to finding the perfect luxurious bathtub – one that can serve as a focal point for your bathroom and help transform it into a stunning, spa-like oasis – you have two choices:

  • order a custom bathtub or;
  • select a ready-to-ship fixture that’s already been constructed according to the designer’s vision and specifications.

While custom built-in tubs are a great choice for high-end bathrooms, they can be prohibitively expensive. Luxury freestanding bathtubs are a more affordable alternative that can complement nearly any type of bathroom design. Because a freestanding bathtub can be placed anywhere that plumbing lines can be installed, this type of fixture is perfect for homeowners seeking to create a spacious area dedicated to bathing. Premium freestanding tubs are also renowned for their aesthetic appeal and comfort, making them an ideal choice for creating a spa-like bathroom on a budget.

Some of the best luxury freestanding bathtubs to choose from in 2024 include:


Best Luxury Concrete Bathtub

ALFI 63" Oval Bathtub in Matte Gray Concrete

An unforgettable sleek and luxurious tub that’s ideal for spa bathrooms, modern luxury bathrooms, and modern industrial bathrooms. ALFI’s oversize matte gray solid concrete tub has a unique and elegant modern oval design that simply demands attention. This meticulously crafted bathtub features an organic shape, deep bathing well, and smooth matte gray interior and exterior finish. Solid concrete tubs retain heat better than most other tubs, which provides a more comfortable soaking experience. Because this bathtub is free standing, it can be installed anywhere with a floor drain outlet.


Best Luxury Slipper Bathtub

Barclay Britta 73” Solid Surface Poly-Resin Slipper Bathtub

Slide into Britta's sleek relaxed contour for a relaxing soak…the extended backrest is designed to comfortably support the head and shoulders. This large soaking tub features an ergonomically designed slipper silhouette that provides an upscale modern aesthetic. This fashionable freestanding slipper tub is constructed out of durable and easy-to-maintain solid surface poly-resin. This beautiful, sophisticated soaking tub by Barclay can be customized to your specifications. Select from gloss or matte white finish. Add extra insulation for better heat retention or add air jets for maximum relaxation.


Best Luxury Solid Surface Stone Bathtub

ALFI 66” Oval Bathtub in Matte White Solid Surface Stone

Add a sculptural element to your bathroom design with this spa-inspired soaking tub by ALFI. Expertly crafted out of strong and ultra-smooth solid surface resin with a matte white finish, this graceful oval freestanding tub retains heat exceptionally well and is also highly resistant to scratches and stains. However, if an imperfection does occur, it can easily be removed with the use of fine 220-grit sandpaper.


Best Luxury Air Massage Bathtub

EAGO 66” Freestanding Round Air Bubble Bathtub

Our customers love this “beautiful” freestanding air jetted tub by EAGO. In fact, it’s one of our best air massage bathtubs, according to customer reviews. Unlike whirlpool tubs that have hydro jets which release water, this air jet tub uses a blower motor to release thousands of tiny air bubbles into the bath water. These air bubbles gently massage your body and provide a gentle hydrotherapy experience that feels a lot like taking a champagne bath. This large freestanding round tub is also a chromatherapy tub! Control both the air jets and the multi-color LED lights through a concealed touch control panel.


Best Luxury Copper Bathtub

Barclay Chapal 70” Copper Double Slipper Tub on Base

This lovely freestanding copper bathtub by Barclay will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom. This high-quality double slipper tub features a decorative base, hand polished smooth black copper exterior, and shiny copper interior. This tub is constructed out of 16-gauge copper; hand-crafted construction ensures your tub is unique!


Best Luxury Bateau Bathtub

Barclay Fernando 67” Cast Iron Bateau Tub with Riveted Skirt

This large cast iron bathtub by Barclay features a fashionable French bateau design with matte black riveted metal skirt and white enamel inside finish. This stylish freestanding black and white tub is perfect for modern luxury and modern French bathroom designs!


Best Luxury Clawfoot Bathtub

Barclay Lawson 66” Copper Slipper Tub with Brass Feet

A high-end clawfoot bathtub is a timeless choice that complements traditional, transitional, and modern farmhouse style bathrooms. One of our most luxurious freestanding clawfoot bathtubs is the elegant Lawson slipper tub by Barclay, which features a smooth, hand-polished antique copper exterior and interior and majestic brass lion paw feet. This handcrafted 16-gauge copper tub is truly a work of art, combining form and function with elegant, romantic style.


    7 Best Luxury Bathtubs for 2024

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