Boho Bathtub Ideas for Bohemian Style Bathrooms

Boho Bathtub Ideas for Bohemian Style Bathrooms

Bohemian aka boho is an eclectic design style that has seen a resurgence of interest in the past few years as homeowners seek comfort, creativity, and peace in their interior spaces. Homeowners love this design style for its emphasis on organic, natural elements and its tranquil, laid-back vibe. Popular variations of the bohemian design style include boho Scandinavian (also known as boho scandi), boho chic, Moroccan Boho, and modern boho or the Jungalow style popularized by designer Justina Blakeney.

Bohemian style bathrooms are characterized by an eclectic and free-spirited approach to design that emphasizes organic elements and nature. Bohemian bathrooms (aka boho bathrooms) feature a mixture of neutral and bright colors, nature-inspired patterns, and natural textures to create a vibrant yet laid-back and comfortable atmosphere.

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Boho bathrooms have an eclectic and layered style that combines different textures and design elements to add depth and create visual interest. Boho bathrooms often feature natural wood and metal accents; woven textures like rattan and wicker; handmade or globally-inspired décor; textile tapestries and macrame wall hangings; distressed furniture; vintage pieces such as freestanding clawfoot tubs; colorful patterned tiles; layered bath mats, rugs, and window treatments; and plenty of plants and greenery.

When it comes to choosing a bathtub for your bohemian style bathroom, nearly any type of tub can be used (since boho is by its very nature an eclectic and versatile design style). Bohemian style bathrooms often employ the mix-and-match approach to interior design. Using a tub that doesn't necessarily match the rest of the bathroom fixtures can contribute to the eclectic vibe of your design.

However, certain bathtub styles (such as bathtubs made from organic materials like wood and copper or vintage-style clawfoot tubs) are known to complement the boho aesthetic. Vintage or antique style tubs can add a touch of character and charm to your bohemian bathroom design.

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Modern freestanding tubs, especially those with unique shapes or finishes, can also be a great fit for bohemian bathrooms (especially modern boho style bathrooms). Clean-lined modern freestanding tubs offer a fresh, elegant aesthetic that complements nearly any type of design style and can serve as a visual focal point in any space.

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Some popular bathtub styles that work well in bohemian bathrooms include:


Freestanding Copper Bathtubs for Bohemian Bathroom Designs

Bohemian bathrooms often feature organic materials like wood and copper. A freestanding bathtub made from natural copper can add warmth and a touch of luxury to a boho style bathroom.

The natural patina that copper develops over time can enhance the vintage and lived-in feel that is characteristic of a boho style bathroom.

Looking for a boho bathtub that provides a lovely, vintage aesthetic? Check out our Copper Tubs collection. A graceful antique copper clawfoot tub like the Barclay Picasso Double Roll Copper Clawfoot Tub and the Barclay 73” Naples Copper Slipper Tub features unique hand-crafted construction that will add a vintage touch and dreamy, romantic look to any space.

Barclay Naples 73” Copper Slipper Tub


Rustic Wood Soaking Tubs for Boho Style Bathrooms

Tubs made from natural materials, such as stone or wood, provide an earthy look that perfectly complements a boho bathroom design.

Looking for a simple boho bathtub that can be placed nearly anywhere in your bathroom? A freestanding wood bathtub provides an earthy, rustic aesthetic at an affordable price. Natural cedar soaking tubs and rubber wood bathtubs with zebra wood trim are available in our Wooden Tubs collection.

ALFI Brand AB1148 59” Freestanding Wood Bathtub


Freestanding Clawfoot Bathtubs for Bohemian Bathrooms

Vintage or antique style clawfoot bathtubs are often incorporated into boho bathroom designs. Popular clawfoot tub styles for boho bathroom designs include classic double-ended cast iron clawfoot bathtubs; black and white clawfoot slipper tubs in traditional cast iron or lightweight acrylic; and clawfoot bathtubs painted sage green or another earthy color. Painted clawfoot tubs or tubs featuring hand-painted designs or patterns can help enhance the artistic and bohemian feel of your space.

Clawfoot Tubs

Browse our Clawfoot Tubs collection to find the best traditional or modern clawfoot tub to incorporate into your boho bathroom design. Popular clawfoot tub designs that complement any decor style include the Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 66” Cast Iron Double Ended Clawfoot Tub and the Barclay Isadora Acrylic Slipper Freestanding Bathtub.

Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 66” Cast Iron Double Ended Clawfoot Tub


Modern Freestanding Bathtubs for Boho Bathrooms

A simple modern freestanding tub looks great in a modern boho style bathroom. Flat-bottom freestanding tubs and pedestal tubs are popular design styles for modern bohemian and boho chic bathrooms. A freestanding tub with wood panel tub skirt will add a quirky, earthy touch to your boho bathroom design.

Freestanding Tubs

Browse our Freestanding Tubs collection to find the best freestanding tub for your modern boho, boho scandinavian, or boho chic bathroom design. Popular modern freestanding tubs that are especially ideal for space spaces include the A&E Retro Acrylic 56” Freestanding Tub Package and the A&E Turin Acrylic 56” Oval Freestanding Tub Package.

A&E Retro 56” Freestanding Tub


Shop Boho Bathtubs from the Comfort of Your Home

Boho style bathrooms are ideal for homeowners seeking to create a peaceful and laid-back oasis in their homes. A freestanding bathtub in wood, copper, cast iron, stone resin, or acrylic can help elevate your boho bathroom design and create a stunning focal point in your space.

For more boho bathtub ideas, check out our guide to Rustic Bathtub Ideas or contact Customer Service for one-on-one assistance. Our freestanding tubs are available for quick home delivery (free shipping & warranty included) with 100% price match and money back guarantee. Happy Shopping!


Boho Bathtub Ideas for Bohemian Style Bathrooms

by Cassidy Carr