10 Best Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas to Suit Any Taste

10 Best Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas

10 Best Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas to Suit Any Taste

A clawfoot tub complements many different types of bathroom designs and styles, from traditional to modern farmhouse to eclectic. That’s because the clawfoot tub is a classic, timeless fixture that signifies relaxation, elegance, and simple luxury.

However, where you place your clawfoot tub and the color and style of clawfoot tub that you choose is key to creating a beautiful and functional bathroom.

These days, there’s truly a clawfoot tub to suit any taste. While a classic cast iron clawfoot tubis always a popular choice, more modern and contemporary style clawfoot tubs (made in lightweight materials like acrylic and copper) are also available.

The right clawfoot tub can help tie together a bathroom design and serve as an eye-catching focal point. A clawfoot tub painted in a bright, bold color can add a much-needed pop of color to your bathroom. A clawfoot tub with ornate gold finish imperial feet can elevate a luxe or baroque bathroom design. An understated vintage style clawfoot tub can make a modern farmhouse style bathroom look both cozy and chic.

To help you select the best type of clawfoot tub for your own bathroom refresh or remodel, here’s some clawfoot tub bathroom inspo:


Farmhouse Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

Any list of clawfoot tub bathroom ideas wouldn’t be complete without a farmhouse style bathroom featuring a traditional clawfoot bathtub with ball and claw feet!

A contemporary farmhouse bathroom combines warm rustic and vintage elements with updated, modern touches to create a comfortable and inviting space. A traditional roll top clawfoot tub looks great in a farmhouse bathroom. However, nearly any style of clawfoot or freestanding tub can be seamlessly incorporated into a modern farmhouse, farmhouse chic, or cottagecore style bathroom.


Modern Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

Need to warm up a sleek and streamlined modern bathroom? Consider adding a simple clawfoot tub to your design.

Incorporating a clawfoot tub into a modern or contemporary bathroom design can help you create a charming and cozy space. Many stylish modern clawfoot tub models are available to choose from, each offering a unique blend of vintage and modern design elements. However, a classic double ended clawfoot tub is a tasteful, timeless choice that looks fresh and elegant in a modern style bathroom.


Small Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to forgo the luxury of a freestanding clawfoot soaking tub. Small guest bathrooms and even tiny house bathrooms can incorporate a small clawfoot tub with a well-planned layout that utilizes space wisely. Just remember to leave at least 3 to 4 inches of space around all sides of your clawfoot bathtub for safety and accessibility.


Vintage Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

A traditional or vintage-style bathroom design wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous clawfoot tub. Select a traditional roll top clawfoot tub or slipper clawfoot tub with a wide rolled rim to create a vintage aesthetic that oozes charm and character.


Black and White Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

A monochromatic black-and-white bathroom provides a sophisticated look that never goes out of style. A black clawfoot tub with white interior pairs beautifully with a black and white bathroom color scheme.


Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub and Shower Combo

A clawfoot tub and shower combo is perfect for homeowners that yearn for a stylish soaking tub in their bathroom…but don’t have the space for a freestanding tub and separate shower. A clawfoot tub shower conversion kit makes it easy to convert your clawfoot tub into a functional shower/tub combo.


Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub and Separate Shower

Nothing signifies luxury and relaxation like a spacious bathroom with a large walk-in shower and separate clawfoot soaking tub. While a freestanding clawfoot tub can be placed nearly anywhere in your bathroom that you’d like, placing it under a window or in its own dedicated nook or corner can help create a cozy and serene atmosphere that’s ideal for therapeutic bathing.


Rustic Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

Rustic bathroom designs incorporate natural materials like reclaimed wood, rough stone, and antique copper to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Heated flooring and/or a fireplace may also add warmth and a sense of luxury to a modern rustic bathroom.  A copper clawfoot tub or cast iron clawfoot tub can also help create a cozy, earthy space.

Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 9


Luxury Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

A luxurious en suite bathroom often features opulent natural stone, metallic finishes, as well as dual vanities and other premium fixtures. A sleek freestanding soaking tub with brushed gold or polished brass claw feet can serve as a stunning focal point in a high-end, luxury bathroom.

Photo by Ronnie George


Bathroom with Painted Clawfoot Tub

A painted clawfoot tub can add a bold pop of color to any bathroom design. Consider incorporating a clawfoot tub with painted exterior into a colorful boho or eclectic bathroom design.

For some bathroom designs, a custom color clawfoot tub is the best option. The exterior of your new Barclay acrylic or cast iron clawfoot tub can now be painted with the color of your choice from the Sherwin-Williams color palette of Marine coatings. 100+ custom color options are available to create the custom clawfoot tub of your dreams!

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by Cassidy Carr