Clawfoot Tub Feet Types & Finishes

Clawfoot Tub Feet Types & Finishes

So you’ve decided on a freestanding clawfoot tub for your bathroom. After selecting the best bathtub size for your space, you’ll need to choose a tub design that has the aesthetics you desire.

One of the most distinguishing features of a clawfoot tub is the style and finish of its feet. Clawfoot tub feet types like ball and claw or cannonball define the overall aesthetic of your tub.

Traditional clawfoot tubs typically have ball and claw or lion paw feet constructed from materials like cast iron or aluminum. Other common types of clawfoot tub feet include cannonball, imperial, and leaf.

Common finishes for tub claw feet include polished chrome, brass, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze. Clawfoot tub feet may also be painted white to match the interior and exterior of the tub. Some clawfoot tub feet types are available unfinished so you can customize your tub’s look. More contemporary tub feet finishes like black or bisque (warm off-white) are also available.


Ball & Claw Feet

Ball & Claw Clawfoot Tub Feet
Ball & Claw Clawfoot Tub Feet Barclay

The original. Ball and claw feet are the reason that the clawfoot tub has its name. Intricate and ornate, ball and claw feet can be found on both traditional and modern clawfoot tubs. This design is sometimes referred to as eagle ball and claw – as it looks like an eagle’s talon clutching a pearl.

Available in a variety of finishes, from polished brass to gold aluminum to bronze, ball and claw feet are a stylish, classic choice. Ball and claw feet are typically constructed from heavy cast iron or aluminum, but some models have been manufactured using stainless steel, copper or even pewter.



Lion Paw Feet


Lion paw feet are another classic type of clawfoot tub feet. This design, which is very popular in Europe, resembles a majestic lion’s paw.

Lion paw tub feet are an elegant, regal option that will provide a great vintage look for your bathroom. They can be found in many different finishes, including polished nickel, brass or chrome.  Like ball & claw feet, lion paw feet are usually made from heavy cast iron or aluminum.



Imperial Feet

Imperial Clawfoot Tub Feet

Imperial Clawfoot Tub Feet Barclay

The imperial foot is a little more ornate than the standard ball and claw style. These extra details look grand on a traditional freestanding bathtub. Stately imperial feet are available in many finishes to match the look and feel of your bathroom.



Leaf Shaped Feet

Leaf Shaped Clawfoot Tub Feet

Leaf Shaped Clawfoot Tub Feet Barclay

Leaf shaped tub feet are a unique choice for a more contemporary or modern footed tub. These feet have a leaf-like shape and are usually crafted from heavy cast iron. The leaf shaped foot is available in several finishes including chrome and polished nickel.



Cannonball Feet

If you want a simple, minimalist look, cannonball feet are the way to go. This type works best with modern footed designs as they help create a clean and sleek aesthetic.

The cannonball shaped foot is one of the most popular choices for modern clawfoot tubs because it adds an elegant look to your bathroom while being practical as well. A quality set of cannonball feet will provide years of use without breaking or rusting.



Choosing Clawfoot Tub Feet Types & Finishes

Still not sure which clawfoot tub design is best for your bathroom? Check out our Guide to Clawfoot Tubs for Small Bathrooms or browse through our Clawfoot Tubs collection for inspiration. Clawfoot tub feet are attached and leveled before shipment.

Looking for replacement feet for your Cambridge Plumbing, Kingston Brass or Barclay clawfoot tub? Contact our Customer Service team for assistance.


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