Soaking Tub vs Jetted Tub: Pros and Cons

Soaking Tub vs Jetted Tub: Pros and Cons

When it comes to relaxation and recuperation, there’s nothing better than taking a long, hot bath. Soaking tubs and jetted tubs are the most popular types of bathtubs for therapeutic bathing.

A soaking tub is similar to a standard drop-in bathtub but it is usually freestanding and deep enough to allow a bather to soak their entire body. Soaking tubs are ergonomically designed and often feature high contoured backrests that allow for a long, comfortable soak. Popular freestanding soaking tub styles include oval, round, and rectangular.

A jetted tub, on the other hand, is a bathtub that uses whirlpool jets or air jets to gently massage your skin and muscles. Jetted tubs are often used to relieve aching joints and muscles. Whirlpool therapy is popular among athletes and physical therapy clinics as a safe, proven way to increase circulation, decrease swelling and inflammation, and promote wound healing.

Choosing between a soaking tub and jetted tub can be difficult, especially if you are selecting your bathtub for therapeutic reasons – such as relieving mental stress, improving circulation, or alleviating muscle pain.

Before selecting a new bathtub, consider the pros and cons of buying a soaking tub vs jetted tub, consider the following items.



Soaking tubs are low maintenance & easy to install.

A soaking tub is easier to clean than a jetted tub. An acrylic soaking tub, for example, only requires baking soda and some water to clean – and it will look great and last for years. A jetted tub, with all its various nooks and crannies, requires significantly more elbow grease.

Jetted tubs are also more complicated to install than soaking tubs and have complicated plumbing and electrical systems which can be costly to fix.


Soaking tubs require less water than jetted tubs.

Soaking tubs use significantly less water than jetted tubs – so they are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective to use.

Soaking tubs use up to 80% less energy than jetted tubs, which is a major benefit if you're on a budget or worried about your carbon footprint.


Soaking tubs provide a stylish aesthetic at an affordable price.

If you are thinking about selling your home sometime in the next few years, a soaking tub may a better investment than a jetted tub. Most soaking tubs are less expensive than jetted tubs and provide a sleek, minimalistic look that is widely popular and complements a variety of design styles from modern farmhouse to mid-century modern to contemporary.


Jetted tubs can be used for hydrotherapy purposes.

Jetted tubs are often used for hydrotherapy, the use of water for pain relief and treatment. Whirlpool jets can help relieve muscle tension, soreness, stress, and anxiety while improving circulation and reducing inflammation.

Jetted tubs are especially beneficial for athletes and anyone suffering from chronic pain especially joint pain and arthritis. You may want to consider purchasing a jetted tub if you suffer from chronic conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.


Jetted tubs provide superior heat retention.

Many jetted tub models have an inline heater with built-in thermostat, which makes it possible to constantly maintain the temperature of the water circulating water in the tub. This provides superior heat retention and allows for an extra-long bathing experience.


Walk-in jetted tubs are more accessible than soaking tubs.

For people with mobility issues, walk-in jetted tubs are easier to get in and out of than a regular freestanding soaking tub. For someone who is planning to age at home, a walk-in jetted tub is a better investment than a soaking tub. Wheelchair accessible jetted walk-in tub models, like the Meditub 3060WCA Series Walk-In Tub (shown below), are also available.


When choosing between a soaking tub vs jetted tub, consider your needs carefully.

Soaking tubs and jetted tubs are the two most popular options for bathtubs that provide a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

However, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you're trying to decide which tub style is right for you, consider your needs carefully. For example, soaking tubs tend to be more affordable than jetted tubs—but if you have a lot of pain in your body, a jetted tub may be the better option for you.

In general, soaking tubs are the most affordable choice if you're looking for total mind-body relaxation. Nonetheless, many people prefer to relax while being massaged by water jets! Jetted baths are especially ideal if you have chronic pain or often have sore muscles from intense workouts.


Need help selecting the best tub for your bathroom?

The bottom line is that both soaking tubs and jetted tubs have their own unique benefits. If you are looking for an affordable and relaxing bathing experience that requires little maintenance, then a freestanding soaking tub is probably your best bet. However, if you want to pamper yourself with jets that massage every inch of your body, then a jetted tub might be the better option for you.

For assistance with selecting the best soaking tub or jetted tub for your bathroom, contact our Customer Service team by chat, email or phone.


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