6 Freestanding Tub Decorating Ideas

Freestanding Tub Decorating Ideas


A freestanding bathtub should be the focal point of any stunning bathroom design. Scroll to view photos with 6 Freestanding Tub Decorating Ideas to help accentuate your design centerpiece.

Decorating around a freestanding tub can be a great opportunity to add color and design flair to your bathroom.


When it comes to decorating a freestanding tub, make sure to select décor that complements your overall bathroom design. With that in mind, you may also want to make the space around your freestanding tub look and feel like a home spa or retreat.


To accomplish that, add comfortable yet luxurious spa-like décor elements to the area around your freestanding bathtub. Upscale tiles, soft paint colors, and chromatherapy lights can help create a mood of relaxation and tranquility.

Functional yet attractive decorative objects to place near your freestanding tub include pillar candles, cylinder vases, wall art or ornamental mirrors, towel baskets, lounge chairs, and decorative planters.


What should I put around my freestanding tub?

A tub surround is one of the best freestanding tub decorating ideas.




While a freestanding tub can be placed anywhere that plumbing lines can be installed, if a freestanding tub is placed against a wall, you’ll need to add a tub surround to protect the wall from water damage.

A tub surround covers the walls around the bathtub and protects the tub from moisture, water, and mold. A freestanding tub surround is also a great way to add character to your bathroom and create a beautiful focal point centered around a luxury soaking tub. Popular mildew-resistant materials for bathtub surrounds include waterproof wainscotting or shiplap and moisture-resistant porcelain tile.

When it comes to bathtub accessories, don’t forget to select a freestanding tub filler and bathtub caddy tray for your soaking tub.


Freestanding Tub Decorating Ideas - Bath Caddy


These essential freestanding tub accessories are available in a variety of styles and finishes to add elegance and charm to your freestanding bath setup.


How do you decorate a freestanding tub?

Many designers and homeowners prefer minimal decoration around a freestanding tub to highlight the simplicity and elegance of this eye-catching fixture.

Others prefer to create an at-home spa-like oasis. Incorporating natural materials like bamboo, river rock, natural stone, and reclaimed wood can help make the area around your freestanding tub feel like a serene and tranquil getaway.

Popular freestanding tub décor ideas include side stools or benches (often decorated with candles or decorative objects); Zen stacking stones; fabric or wood bath mats; spa steps with built-in storage; reading lamps; and decorative plant stands.





Where do you put toiletries in a freestanding tub?

While a freestanding tub is comfortable and beautiful, additional shelving or accessories will be needed for your bath toiletries and accessories.

Consider installing storage shelves on the walls near your tub. Recessed wall shelves above your freestanding tub will provide a sophisticated contemporary aesthetic.




Many people prefer to use bathtub trays aka bath caddies while bathing, which makes it easy to reach essential toiletries like soap, shampoo, and aromatherapy candles. Others choose to install wall mounted shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel dispensers. Towel racks and towel heaters can also help you create a real spa-like experience in your bathroom.


Make a freestanding tub the centerpiece of your bathroom design

An elegant, expertly crafted freestanding tub doesn’t need much decoration at all. The right freestanding tub can make the perfect understated centerpiece for your bathroom design.

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6 Freestanding Tub Decorating Ideas


by Cassidy Carr