The Best Air Tubs According to Customer Reviews

The Best Air Tubs – According to Customer Reviews

If you’re looking for a luxurious way to relax and release stress, an air tub can deliver. If you’re not familiar with them, air tubs are a type of personal spa that use pressurized air instead of water jets to release thousands of tiny bubbles that gently massage your body. This type of jetted tub is also known as an air bubble tub or air jet tub.

Air jets provide a rather gentle hydrotherapy experience which may help reduce muscle/joint pain and tension. Think soothing champagne bath, rather than high-pressure jets.

Each air tub is equipped with an air blower motor that produces a large volume of tiny, tingling air bubbles, which provide an ultra-gentle full-body massage experience and improve circulation and lymph flow.


Air Jet Tub vs Jacuzzi

According to Hunker: “If you want a more soothing, gentle sensation in your bathtub or whirlpool, you might want to opt for air jets. Water will still be flowing throughout the tub, but not at the high pressures of water jets, creating an overall sensation similar to a lazy river. It's best for people who might feel water jets are too painful or want to enjoy a more relaxing soak.”

According to The Bathtubber, an air jet tub has several key benefits. Air tubs are an excellent jetted tub option for hydrotherapy. Unlike whirlpool tubs, an air tub has a quiet motor, which helps create a relaxing environment. An air jet tub is also generally more resistant to bacteria and mold buildup than whirlpool tubs or a jacuzzi – and much easier to maintain and clean.


The Best Air Tubs, According to Real Customers

EAGO is a leading manufacturer of affordable, attractive, and functional jetted tubs including many popular air tub models. Bestselling EAGO air tubs that our customers absolutely love (according to recent reviews) include:


EAGO AM2140 6’ Freestanding Oval Air Bubble Tub

An air tub with lights that combines the benefits of hydrotherapy with chromotherapy, the EAGO AM2140 is “one in a million”and “an exceptional tub”according to verified customer reviews.

One customer wrote that: “This freestanding tub is TO DIE FOR! […] It is like floating in a hot springs. It is truly the most relaxing bath I have ever taken”

What makes this air tub truly unique? It’s elegant, minimalist design which looks exactly like a modern freestanding acrylic slipper tub – rather than an oversized, bulky spa bath. Customers have described this tub’s aesthetic as “sleek” and its build as “well made, sturdy, and remarkable.”

This freestanding oval air tub’s standard features include strong acrylic construction; a sleek concealed touch control panel; multicolor LED lights; and a powerful air blower that releases tingling air bubbles. There are two pressure levels to choose from using the SPEED button on the control panel.

Interior Dimensions:

Bottom - 45.25" x 19"

Top - 64 7/8" x 29.5"

Water Capacity: 45 Gallons


EAGO AM2130 66” Freestanding Round Air Bubble Bathtub

This roomy and luxurious air tub by EAGO is ideal for creating a spa bathroom at home.

One customer noted that the extra-large freestanding round air tub was “easy to install” yet doesn’t sacrifice style for function: “This tub is beautiful.”

Another customer wrote that: “This tub has had the most comments of any item in my new house. Everyone loves it!! The LED lights are relaxing and the tub works perfectly.”

Like other EAGO air bubble bathtubs, this model is constructed out of easy-to-maintain acrylic and features a concealed touch control panel; air blower motor that releases air bubbles into the bath water; and chromotherapy LED lighting. The colors change automatically, gradually blending into one another in a cycle.

The air holes that are approximately 1 inch apart from each other.

Interior Dimensions:

Bottom - 44.25" x 44.25"

Top - 65" x 57.25"

Water Capacity: 121.5 Gallons


EAGO AM1900 74” Freestanding Oval Air Tub

Tall and deep, this sleek freestanding air bubble tub is one of our bestselling EAGO models. A double slipper tub with jets, the EAGO AM1900 often receives rave reviews like this one from customers: “This tub gets 5 stars because it is beautiful, strong, large, easy to clean, and looks fantastic.”

Another customer wrote that: “This tub is just stunning. This modern free standing tub is designed so you can place it anywhere and it installed so easily. It is very well made and sturdy.”

This EAGO air tub also features a concealed touch control panel; air blower motor; multicolor LED lighting; and durable acrylic construction.

Interior Dimensions:

Bottom - 42" x 18"

Top - 53" x 23"

Water Capacity: 58 Gallons


The Best Freestanding Air Tubs are Functional, Attractive & Durable

According to air tub reviews from verified Luxury Freestanding Tub customers, the best air tubs are freestanding models that are stylish, built to last, and easy to install and move. We think EAGO jetted tubs are rated so highly by our customers because they offer beautiful air jet tubs and whirlpool tubs at an affordable price. EAGO helps make it possible for more Americans to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy at home.

Looking for the best air tub for your bathroom? Contact our Customer Service team for assistance with selecting an exceptional freestanding tub with air jets.


by Cassidy Carr