10 Best Freestanding Tubs for 2023

10 Best Freestanding Tubs for 2023

Summer is the most popular time of year for home renovations!

For homeowners who are searching for the perfect freestanding tub for an updated and luxurious bathroom this summer or fall, we put together a brief guide to our best freestanding tubs for 2023. We’ve selected some of our best selling luxury freestanding bathtubs that meet the following criteria:

  • high-quality with an affordable price point
  • highly reviewed by our customers
  • functional and widely appealing design

Whether you are searching for the best small freestanding tub, the best freestanding clawfoot tub, the best freestanding air jetted tub, or something else altogether…we’ve got you covered.

Happy remodeling!


Best Small Freestanding Tub 

A & E Bath and Shower Retro Acrylic Small 56” Premium All-in-One Freestanding Oval Tub Package

It’s not hard to see why this is one of our top bestselling tubs, year after year.

Designed for smaller bathrooms, the A & E Bath and Shower Retro tub is slightly wider and slightly higher than most standard-size freestanding tubs. Yet, because of its innovative, compact design, this tub contains the same inner dimensions as a bigger tub, with a generous 67-gallon water capacity.

Perhaps that’s why many of our customers believe this is the best small freestanding tub available and a great value due to its affordable price tag and high-quality construction.


Best Copper Freestanding Tub

Barclay Ankara 66" Copper Double Slipper Freestanding Tub

Copper tubs are truly special, so we made sure to include one in our list of the best freestanding tubs for 2023. One copper tub that stands out among the rest is the Barclay Ankara freestanding copper tub which features a romantic double slipper design and stylish base with beaded border. This charming double slipper tub is made from hand polished hammered antique copper with a brightly polished nickel-plated interior.

Customers who have purchased this tub love its elegant, rustic look and ergonomic double slipper design.


Best Freestanding Slipper Tub

Barclay Leonardo Cast Iron Slipper Freestanding Bathtub

Best Freestanding Tubs barclayThe Barclay Leonardo tub is one of the best soaking tubs available in our Luxury Freestanding Tubs collection. This tub features a timeless, graceful slipper design, stylish pedestal base, classic roll top rim, and durable cast iron construction – all at a very affordable price point. According to one interior designer, “I've used this tub on 3 projects now. Everybody comments on how beautiful this tub is.”


Best Clawfoot Tub

A & E Bath and Shower Dorya Acrylic 69” Premium All-in-One Clawfoot Freestanding Tub Kit

The A & E Bath and Shower Dorya tub provides a classic yet modern aesthetic that our customers love.

This affordable clawfoot tub kit includes luxurious, ornate chrome finish lion paw feet, drain and overflow kit, and chrome tub faucet with handheld shower.


Best Freestanding Air Tub

EAGO AM2140 Freestanding Air Bubble Bathtub

Best Freestanding Tubs eagoThis freestanding oval air tub can be installed anywhere that has drain and water hookups. This air bath has a blower motor that releases tingling air bubbles into the bath water.

Our customers love the modern look and high-tech features like multicolor LED lights, which offer a relaxing chromatherapy experience.


Best Freestanding Rectangular Tub

A & E Bath and Shower Abzu 67" Rectangular Freestanding Tub Kit

Freestanding rectangular tubs provide a sleek, modern look that is widely appealing. The A & E Bath and Shower Abzu rectangular tub is spacious and comfortable, with cozy symmetrical backrests. Customers love this tub’s “beautiful shape” as well as the quality and price.

This freestanding acrylic tub comes with a modern freestanding faucet with handheld shower.


Best Freestanding Tub for Two

EAGO AM196ETL 6' Clear Rectangular Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bathtub for Two with Fixtures

One of our top bestselling tubs, the EAGO AM196ETL 6’ Clear Rectangular Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bathtub was designed to fit two people facing each other. Customers love the modern free standing tempered glass front panel design and cool features like a built-in stereo with Bluetooth and soothing chromatherapy LED Lighting.

This freestanding whirlpool tub includes two soft black pillows that stick to the tub with suction cups for an even more comfortable bathing experience.


Best 60” Freestanding Tub

Barclay CTDRN60B-WH Conrad Cast Iron Double Roll Freestanding Tub

The 60 inch freestanding tub size is popular with homeowners seeking a stand alone bathtub that doesn’t take up too much space but still provides ample room for bathing. The best 60 inch freestanding tubs are comfortable, attractive, affordable, and built to last. We think the Barclay Conrad 60 inch tub fits that bill.

The Conrad pedestal tub is 60" L x 30" W, an ideal size for both guest bathrooms and en suite bathrooms. It’s simple, symmetrical design features an integrated base and classic double roll top that provides a classic, elegant aesthetic. Best of all, the Barclay Conrad tub is built to last, out of durable cast iron that provides a luxurious look and is known for its excellent heat retention properties.


Best Freestanding Acrylic Tub

Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 59” Contemporary Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

One of our most comfortable freestanding tubs, the Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 59” acrylic tub features a simple yet stylish contemporary design. Constructed from 3-5mm high gloss, stain resistant acrylic, this freestanding tub is durable, easy to maintain, and beautiful. The structural composite used between the acrylic layers provides strength, rigidity, and superior heat retention.

Our customers love how this lightweight acrylic tub looks – along with its smaller size, durability, and comfortable slipper-style design. As one customer wrote about this tub, “It looks very contemporary and is a great value for the cost.” Another customer who purchased this tub noted that this is a “comfortable relaxing tub” that’s easy to install.


Best Freestanding Bateau Tub

Barclay CTBATN68-WH 68" Wakely Premium Cast Iron Freestanding Tub

The Barclay Wakely is an imminently elegant bateau tub with a plain skirt that’s constructed out of durable, high-quality cast iron. This gorgeous French bateau-style tub is perfect for modern and traditional bathrooms alike. Customers note that this tub provides a “very good value for the price.”

For additional freestanding tub ideas for 2023, check out our Freestanding Tubs collection. Narrow your search by shape (oval, round, rectangle, etc.), material, size, and other limiters!


10 Best Freestanding Tubs for 2023

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by Cassidy Carr