Best Wood Fired Hot Tub for Camping & Off-Grid Living

Best Wood Fired Hot Tub for Camping & Off-Grid Living

What is a Wood Fired Hot Tub?

Wood fired hot tubs (also known as wood burning hot tubs) are heated soaking tubs powered by wood burning fire. By using natural firewood to heat the water, a wood fired hot tub allows you to enjoy a hot bath outdoors even while living off-grid. Because they do not require electricity to operate, wood burning hot tubs are ideal for outdoor use on recreational properties.


The Best Wood Fired Hot Tub for Camping & Winter Bathing

Most wood fired hot tubs are stationary tubs made out of cedar or other wood. Many people who want a wood fired tub for their backyard choose to build their own out of softwood, steel, and other materials.

The ALFI Brand FireHotTub is a portable outdoor wood fired hot tub option that’s especially useful for frequent campers and anyone living or spending time off-grid. The ALFI Brand FireHotTub is built out of lightweight fiberglass-reinforced acrylic and it’s powered by external wood burning fire. Since its modern design is lightweight and portable, the ALFI Brand FireHotTub is the best wood fired hot tub for recreational camping – even during winter.


Best Wood Fired Hot Tub

5 Reasons to Buy the ALFI Brand FireHotTub

One of our most popular and unique freestanding tubs is the ALFI Brand FireHotTub, a portable wood burning outdoor hot tub. Key features include:

#5 – Portable, Lightweight, Quality Design

The ALFI Brand FireHotTub is made out of high-quality, lightweight acrylic and reinforced with a fiberglass core. The round freestanding tub design includes flat feet for increased sturdiness. Extended pipes and a stainless steel windscreen panel help keep you safe from flames while soaking in the tub. The innovative portable design of the ALFI Brand FireHotTub also includes four handles built into the sides of the tub which allows for easy mobility. There is also a ledge on the tub to hold drinks and other items.

#4 – No Electricity Required

The ALFI Brand FireHotTub uses natural firewood to heat your bath water instead of costly electricity.

This outdoor hot tub uses the process of convection to circulate cold water through its advanced coiling system, where it is heated by an external wood burning fire.

#3 – Charming, Colorful Design

This attractive modern outdoor wood fired hot tub is available in festive colors like orange, red, yellow, dark blue, and olive green. The tub color can be customized to your specifications; custom colors are available upon request.

Best Wood Fired Hot Tub Colors

#2 – Everything You Need in One Kit

The ALFI Brand FireHotTub is a wood burning hot tub kit that includes everything you need to enjoy a hot bath outdoors (excluding water, firewood, and matches). This kit includes an external burner that sits outside your tub and a heavy-duty cover to protect the tub while not in use and to shorten the time it takes for the bath water to reach desired temperature.

#1 – Easy to Set Up & Use

Setting up this wood burning hot tub couldn’t be easier. According to a recent customer, “You fill the tub, light up the fire and voila!”

Check out the instructions below to learn how to set up this tub for outdoor use in just 3 easy steps.


Best Wood Fired Hot Tub fire

How to Use the ALFI Brand FireHotTub

The ALFI Brand wood fired hot tub doesn’t need to be plugged in or connected to any drain. Make sure you decide in advance where you would like to place your hot tub. The area that you choose must be clear of brush and debris, on a flat solid surface, in the open air (not underneath a shelter or roof) and ONLY outdoors.

Step 1: Fill the tub with water from your garden hose and light a wood fire in the pit. To avoid damage to the heating coil, ensure that the tub is filled with water before igniting a fire inside the coils.

This portable outdoor wood burning hot tub requires a minimum of 130 gallons of water to start water circulation and can hold a maximum of 220 gallons when full to the top with nobody inside.

Step 2: Water is pushed through metal coils surrounding a wire basket where the firewood is housed. The basket can be raised or lowered to adjust the temperature of the water. Keep feeding the fire with wood as desired.

Step 3: Water will take 2-3 hours to heat up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit under normal weather conditions, though it will take longer in cold weather. Given that the tub does not have a thermal indicator, it is up to you to ensure water safety before entering the tub. Please do not leave tub unattended while the fire is lit.

Note: grill your favorite food over the hot flames or toast up some warm s'mores for the kids while you wait for the water to heat.

Do not attempt to move the FireHotTub while it is filled with water. Drain the FireHotTub after each use in order to prevent growth of dangerous bacteria. Extinguish the fire completely before draining the tub.


Best Wood Fired Hot Tub Features

ALFI Brand FireHotTub: Product Dimensions & Installation Manual

The innovative design of the ALFI Brand FireHotTub combines the vintage appeal of a fire hot tub with modern elements to create an outdoor bathing experience like no other.

Product Dimensions are:

63” x 63” x 32 1/3”

Inner Size: 56 2/3" x 56 2/3" x 16 2/3"

To learn more about this tub, check out the product documentation from ALFI Brand:

ALFI Brand FireHotTub Installation – PDF

ALFI Brand FireHotTub Specs - PDF

To check out reviews for this product and/or order the ALFI Brand FireHotTub at the lowest price anywhere plus free warranty and free shipping, click here.

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by Cassidy Carr