10 Unique Freestanding Tubs You’ll Love

10 Unique Freestanding Tubs You’ll Love

When it comes to selecting a freestanding tub, most homeowners choose a traditional design like a double-ended clawfoot tub or a modern style pedestal tub without feet. Due to their high backrest(s), the classic slipper and double slipper shapes are especially popular with homeowners searching for a comfortable tub for soaking.

Sometimes, however, a bathroom design requires a freestanding soaking tub with a distinctive design that makes good use of asymmetrical lines, dramatic angles, bold colors, and/or ornate details. A freestanding tub that provides a more sculptural look or unusual aesthetic that stands out.

A unique freestanding tub is much more than a fixture – it’s a piece of art, a bold focal point for your bathroom. Some of our favorite beautiful and unique freestanding tub designs for 2023 include:


Barclay Galileo 72” Double Slipper Copper Tub

The Galileo freestanding double slipper tub by Barclay features a romantic design and quality craftmanship. The exterior is mirrored mosaic over antique copper and the interior is hammered nickel. Includes decorative copper base. Copper is a living finish and will patina over time.


Barclay Carlyle 70” Resin Tub

The Carlyle freestanding tub by Barclay features an elegant elongated oval design with a rectangular pedestal base. The unique, roomy design is built for reclining and soaking.

The Carlyle tub is constructed out of a durable poly-resin blend. Choose between matte white or gloss white.


Barclay Scofield 67” Resin Tub

The Barclay Scofield is a contemporary rectangular footed tub that looks just like a work of art. This chic tub is constructed out of durable poly-resin, according to Barclay’s high standards of craftsmanship. The Scofield is a deep soaking tub with an impressive 70-gallon water capacity.


Barclay Ayanna 59” Resin Tub

The Barclay Ayanna resin slipper tub provides a romantic look for your bathroom. Ornamental accents on both sides of ensure a unique addition to your decor.


Barclay Nicole 71” Acrylic Tub

The distinctively modern ambiance of this freestanding acrylic tub by Barclay is unmistakable. Featuring a sleek oval shape with a uniquely designed rim, the Nicole tub is exceptionally comfortable and perfect for a long, relaxing soak after a busy day. Customize your new Barclay tub with a custom color ( choose from more than 100 paint colors).

This unforgettable design is also available in a smaller size, the 67” Nessa.


Barclay Naomi 67” Double Slipper Tub

Unique double slipper design with a wide sloping rim. The Naomi freestanding tub is crafted out of durable double walled acrylic. Express your creativity by customizing the color of this tub.


Barclay Chapal 70” Copper Double Slipper Tub on Base

The exquisite Barclay Chapal double slipper tub features a smooth hand polished black copper exterior, shiny 16 gauge copper interior, and decorative base. Hand-crafted construction makes each tub truly unique.


Barclay Milicent 66” Acrylic Slipper Tub

This romantic slipper tub is a contemporary update of the traditional French Bateau style. Includes a stylish base, riveted skirt, and lightweight acrylic construction.


Barclay Yarborough 61” Round Acrylic Tub

The perfect soaking tub for a spa-like bathroom. The Yarborough Acrylic Tub by Barclay features a stylish rounded shape and extra-large 120-gallon water capacity. Features an overflow slot with integrated drain. The drain and overflow covers are available in seven finishes including matte black, white polished chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze.


Barclay Sydney 67” Acrylic Tub on Base

Create a classical ambiance in your home’s bathroom with the impressive Sydney Acrylic Tub by Barclay. Featuring a base inspired by the base of a Doric column, this unique tub will add a touch of timeless elegance to your any bathroom design.


More Unique Freestanding Tubs You'll Love

For more unique and stylish tub designs, browse our Freestanding Tubs collection. Or contact our Customer Service team for assistance with selecting the best bathtub for your bathroom!

by Cassidy Carr