A & E Bath and Shower Tubs


Bathrooms may not be the most public rooms of a home but are undoubtedly important. Ever noticed how much attention interior designers give to bathrooms? Let’s say they know the worth of a well-furnished bath. Whenever you’ve had a long day at work, a warm bath is necessary for unwinding and giving you that relaxing ambiance.

Besides the comfort and relaxation, their contemporary freestanding design makes them great pieces of art, a focal point of your bath. After all, bathrooms are not all about functionality. Additional glamour and style are necessary to set them apart from the other rooms in your home.

Design, Style and Sizes of A&E Tubs

A&E tubs and showers are made of superior materials to give a classic look and durability. The different designs and shapes of the A&E tubs make them ideal for both spacious and small bathrooms. For frequent, long, and luxurious soaks, A&E bathtubs provide the depth and required for a comfortable bath.

Single-ended A&E bathtubs are a timeless and classic design and an elegant choice, especially for traditional homes. The style features one rounded end which is well-sloped for lounging. The opposite end is reserved for the faucet and drain of the bathtub. Similar to the to the A&E single slipper tubs are the single slipper bathtubs. These tubs also have one rounded end and the other reserved for plumbing. The rounded end provides heightened support for the back to give extra comfort while bathing.

A&E tubs are also available as clawfoot tubs or solid surface bathtubs. A&E bathtubs incorporate the clawfoot design, which has been in existence since the 1800s, and are essential for maintaining the traditional look of your bath. A&E solid surface bathtubs are hard surfaced and feature an integral drain. The installation of these tubs is not as complicated, making them an excellent choice for homeowners who wish to do the installation or repairs by themselves.

Sizes of the A&E differ depending on the construction and shape of the tub. A standard A&E bathtub can measure 60” long, 32” wide and up to 20” deep while larger tubs usually measure 72” long, 32” and 20” deep.

Materials & Construction of A&E Tubs

A&E bathtubs come in a variety of materials, with their differences lying beyond aesthetics. Having information about the available tubs in terms of the material used is crucial during the buying process.

Most A&E bathtubs are acrylic. They are the most popular among most homeowners for their light weight. This makes them easy to maneuver and carry up the stairwell as well as to install. These A&E acrylic tubs don’t require reinforcing of the floor whenever you’re installing on an upper level.

A&E freestanding solid surface resin bathtubs are decent modern alternatives for bathtubs. They are made of composite materials including stones, minerals, and acrylic materials. These bathtubs have a beautiful and natural look and feel. They come in different shapes and sizes, making them flexible to utilize. What’s more, these resin bathtubs are lightweight and durable.

Cleaning of A&E Bathtubs and Shower

Cleaning of bathtubs can present a challenge. The clog culprit in most times is usually hair and soap debris that build up in the drain. It is advisable to seek the assistance of a skilled service technician to do the clean-up using a tub drain cleaning machine. This will leave the drain cleansed and free of all debris to avoid any blockage of your bathtub.

Since most of the A&E bathtubs are acrylic with a white polished enamel finish, overall cleaning of a well-maintained tub should not be difficult. With these tubs, most of the household cleaners can be used to maintain the sparkle.

Cleaning A&E bathtubs and shower should be conducted with top care to avoid abrasion of the tub. This implies that the cleaning of these tubs and shower should not be done using tough brushes. In case your tub is overly scratched, a simple polish is enough to fill the scratches and restore the original state of the bathtub.

The A&E bathtub and shower combo is popular among many homeowners and realtors for several benefits. These tubs do not take up much space of the bathroom. Further, adults can use the shower and can still bathe the children in the tub. This makes them an excellent choice for overall family use.

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