Corner Tubs


Panache, poise and luxury are but a few words that can be used to describe corner tubs. These state-of-the-art bathrooms must have offer benefits aplenty. Hence the question, what is a corner tub? It is a tub that’s placed adjacent to the corner wall or in other definitions, takes the shape of the corner.

Thanks to their placement, corner tubs open up the center section of a bathroom allowing for better traffic flow. Whether your bathing area is small, large or somewhere in between, installing a corner tub maximizes floor space while offering style and spa-like indulgences.

Construction of Corner Tubs

Corner tubs are usually made of either acrylic or cast Iron. Cast iron is an excellent heat retainer and almost indestructible making it perfect for a family with young children. Cast Iron corner tubs are sometimes coated with porcelain enamel for a smooth, glossy surface. These tubs are generally massive. Therefore, a strong foundation to support the tub is a must. Acrylic corner tubs are light, robust, durable and good reflectors of light. Also, they are scratch resistant meaning they remain shiny for ages.

The standard size of a corner tub is 4 to 5 feet long, 4 to 5 feet wide with a depth of between 21 and 26 inches. The most suitable size of the corner tub will significantly depend on the placement area. It is therefore advised to measure the intended space before purchasing a corner tub. Just because these tubs are known to fit in smaller spaces doesn’t mean you can't go crazy with the sizes. A two person corner tub is an excellent addition to a master bathroom perfect for a romantic night with your partner.

Modern corner tubs are fitted with air jets, lighted chromotherapy options, massaging functions, a deck area to place your toiletries, and in some, stereo sounds. Most have armrests and molded backs for comfortable lumbar support.

An important consideration is the location of the fixture. Position your corner tub where there is existing plumbing to minimize the costs of adding or relocating pipes and drains. Allow enough clearance for ease when getting in and out of the tub.

Designs, Shapes and Sizes

Corner tubs come in a variety of styles and designs. They are usually five-sided and designed so that two of its sides adjoin two walls. The basin is either triangular, oval, rectangular, trapezoid or even hourglass-shaped. A corner tub is essentially a square with one corner removed. For placement purposes, it is therefore helpful to corner tubs as square-shaped as opposed to being triangular-shaped. The sleek lines in rectangular basin corner tubs make them an excellent choice for modern bathroom designs.

Drop-in corner bathtubs have surrounds finished with tile, slate or even marble to give a high-end look. Corner Jacuzzis are a variation of the corner tubs whose sole purpose is relaxation. These Jacuzzis can be big enough to fit two people.

Nothing says modern quite like freestanding tubs. Freestanding corner tubs are versatile and fitting them in the corner adds beauty and style to the bathroom. A clawfoot corner tub provides space saving while offering antiquated luxury. Pedestal corner tubs are the epitome of comfort and sophistication with their raised bases. With freestanding corner tubs, you can choose to have the tub slightly bigger or have the sides raised for extra support while resting.

Corner tubs, especially acrylic corner tubs, offer a wide range of colours and finishing that include: gold, black, antique bronze, brass metallic, white, polished chrome, satin nickel among others. Choose colours and finishes that complement the rest of the bathroom.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Corner Tubs

Regular cleaning and maintenance of corner tubs depends on the material used in making it. Acrylic proves the easiest to maintain owing to its scratch and dust resistant nature. Cast iron corner tubs require periodic refinishing to keep the coating shiny as ever. Scrubbing with a non-abrasive cloth to avoid chipping or scratching the surface.

Imagine soaking in a corner tub under a well-lit window after a hectic day. Priceless is the word. Choosing the right tub for your home is a big decision. If you’re looking for the last piece to complete your bathroom puzzle, then Corner tubs are just it.

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