11 Freestanding Tub Next to Shower Design Ideas

Freestanding Tub Next to Shower

Creating a functional and luxurious bathroom layout that features a separate shower and freestanding tub is a great way to add value to your home. That’s because a freestanding soaking tub and separate walk-in shower are bathroom fixtures that are sought-after by many home buyers seeking an at-home spa-like experience.

A lightweight freestanding tub can be installed pretty much anywhere in your bathroom that has access to the drain area in the floor as well as hot and cold water lines. Many homeowners choose to install their freestanding tub in a nook, corner, or between two vanities. Others prefer to install a freestanding soaking tub in the center of the bathroom to create a striking focal point. Some even install their freestanding tub inside a walk-in shower!

However, installing a freestanding tub next to a shower is one of the most popular design choices. That’s because many tub users like the convenience of having a shower nearby for a post-soak rinse. Being able to store all of your bath supplies in one dedicated area of your bathroom is another benefit to the freestanding tub near shower design.

With proper space planning and management, a separate tub area can transform your bathroom into a comfortable oasis. And while a separate freestanding bathtub and shower does require more room than a traditional shower-tub combo, there are many space-saving configurations available to achieve this aesthetically pleasing look.

Some of our favorite bathroom design ideas that feature a freestanding tub next to shower include:

Freestanding Tub Next to Glass Shower

For optimal functionality and flow, place an elegant freestanding pedestal tub in the corner or nook closest to your walk-in glass shower.


Freestanding Tub Next to Shower Glass


Freestanding Tub Next to Curbless Shower

Create a spa-like bathroom by installing a freestanding slipper tub next to a curbless steam shower with a floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure.


Freestanding Tub Next to Shower curbless


Freestanding Tub Next to Doorless Shower

Walk-in doorless shower designs are accessible and aesthetically pleasing. Place a soaking tub near your doorless shower to create a functional, open-feeling bathroom.


Freestanding Tub Next to Shower doorless


Placing a freestanding tub next to an open concept shower can also help make your bathroom feel bigger.


Freestanding Tub Next to Shower no door



Freestanding Tub Next to Half Wall Shower

A half wall shower that features a mix of glass and premium natural stone like marble or quartz is an elegant choice for an en suite bathroom. Placing a freestanding tub near a shower with a half wall (aka pony wall) is a cost-effective way to create a luxury bathroom design.


Freestanding Tub Next to Shower half wall
Freestanding Tub Next to Showers


Additional Freestanding Tub Next to Shower Design Ideas

Rustic décor touches like waterproof shiplap and a farmhouse pitcher vase can help you create a modern farmhouse style bathroom with a separate tub and shower.


Freestanding Tubs Next to Shower
Freestanding Tubs Next to Showers

Make a small bathroom feel much more spacious by placing a compact freestanding tub near a slim walk-in shower or slanted ceiling shower.


Freestanding Tub Next to Shower slanted ceiling


An extra-large soaking tub will look grand next to a spacious double-entry walk-in shower.


luxury Freestanding Tub Next to Shower


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by Cassidy Carr