Fiberglass Tub


A warm bath for people who spend hours working is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. As such, it is important to find a sizeable and high-performance tub for your bathing needs. Fiberglass bathtubs represent both ends of the range for bathtub options. These tubs are moldable, modern, versatile, and lightweight. They are, therefore, perfect for new homeowners who may want to experiment with the placement of the tub.

Fiberglass tubs are made of layers of a surface coating, polyester resin, plus fiberglass reinforcement. These bathtubs are easy to repair in case damage occurs. Fiberglass tubs are thick and strong and therefore tend to be harder, and durable. What’s more, these tubs are warm to the touch due to better insulation as compared to other bathtubs.

A characteristic trait of the fiberglass tubs is their porous nature. This means that they tend to absorb water over time and might lead to the flexing of the bathtub. This, however, does not present a big challenge as fiberglass bathtubs are easily repairable.

Construction of Fiberglass Tubs

Fiberglass tubs are constructed by applying a gel coat to a pre-made mold and then allowed to cure. Chopped polyester resin and fiberglass materials are then applied over the gel coat. To achieve the strong and stiff fiberglass tub, a grooved roller is used to compact the fiber chops against the gel coat.

The application of enough resin and fiberglass material is critical in determining the longevity of the bathtub. Under-engineering of the laminate or application of insufficient fiberglass material eventually leads to the cracking of the bathtub. Stress cracks can be shallow and cosmetic and may not require structural repair. Some cracks may extend deep into the laminate, requiring structural repair for your leaking bathtub.

Designs and Types of Fiberglass Tubs

Fiberglass is a common material used in the design of different bathtubs. Therefore, fiberglass tubs can take many forms depending on the design. Soaking fiberglass tubs are available for bathers who value a warm and long soak after a long and stressful day. Drop in fiberglass tubs are also common, with their installation done on a solid surface podium.

Alcove installation of fiberglass tubs also gives your bath a modern and elegant look due to the unique design. Alcove fiberglass tubs often have tiling flange and integrated apron with a wraparound the backsplash. These tubs give a bather ample space for the placement of items such as towels and bathing gels.

Freestanding fiberglass tubs are the most common bathtubs in homes. These are not complicated to install as they can be placed anywhere in your bath. They are perfect for creating a focal point in your bathroom. They can also be utilized for both small and large baths, and their flexibility makes them likable.

Fiberglass whirlpools are an excellent choice for bathers who desire a massaging bath to take away aches and pains form body muscles. Although most homes are fitted with freestanding fiberglass tubs, a fiberglass walk in tub can add that wow factor to your bath due to their sophisticated design.

Shapes and Sizes of Fiberglass Tubs

Fiberglass tubs are molded into many shapes to suit different tastes for different customers. Slipper tubs, which are usually single or double ended slipper tubs are mostly oval with well-crafted edges to ensure a comfortable bath while you incline. Fiberglass tubs are also designed in rectangular shapes which are desirable for an alcove installation.

The sizes of fiberglass tubs differ. Large fiberglass tubs can measure up to 72 inches in length while smaller ones can measure up to 50 inches lengthwise. Large fiberglass tubs are mostly freestanding tubs and often create a focal point for spacious bathrooms. Small tubs are best used as corner tubs in bathrooms that have limited space.

Cleaning and Repair of Fiberglass Tubs

Cleaning a fiberglass tub may feel like a losing battle. It can be difficult at times, especially when the tub is stained. Nevertheless, you can restore the sparkle of your fiberglass tub by using vinegar solutions. Not only do they clean grease and stains but also disinfect your bathtub, leaving it bacteria-free. Baking soda should be avoided when cleaning your tub as it is abrasive and can leave the tub filled with scratches. Cracks on these tubs are easy to repair using an epoxy resin repair kit.

Fiberglass tubs are common in most homes for a reason. You can choose from a wide range of designs and sizes to groom your bath. Whether you are looking for a slipper tub or a whirlpool, a fiberglass tub would be an excellent choice.

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