7 Stand Alone Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

7 Stand Alone Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

7 Stand Alone Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

Stand alone bathtubs, also known as freestanding tubs, are finished on all sides and are not built into or attached to walls. A stand alone bathtub can be placed directly on the floor of your bathroom, though some models are raised on tub feet or a pedestal base (clawfoot style tubs and pedestal tubs respectively).

While stand alone bathtubs are popular for their luxurious style and comfortable, ergonomic design, they typically require more space than a built-in tub.

For homeowners who want to create a spa-like atmosphere in a bathroom with limited space, small stand alone bathtubs are an ideal choice. That’s because small stand alone bathtubs, with their space-saving dimensions, are perfect for smaller bathrooms, including guest bathrooms.

Small stand alone tubs usually have extra height to make up for their shorter length. Even extra small stand alone tub designs (i.e. tubs that are 44 inches in length or less) have deep bathing wells that allow for full-body soaking.


A Stand Alone Bathtub Can Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

A stand alone bathtub is often the only style of tub that suits small spaces. That’s because a stand alone bathtub can be placed anywhere in your bathroom. A stand alone tub can be placed in the center of a room, in any corner or alcove, or even inside a walk-in shower. A shower head can also be placed over any stand alone tub (installing a freestanding tub faucet with hand shower is another option).

According to Houzz contributor Victoria Villeneuve, “…substituting a streamlined tub for a clunky built-in to expose more of the floor can make the room seem bigger, much as subbing a pedestal sink for a boxy vanity usually increases the sense of space.”


Small Stand Alone Bathtubs Our Customers Love

7 of our best stand alone bathtubs for small bathrooms, according to customer reviews:


7. Barclay Picasso Clawfoot Copper Tub

Perfect for tiny bathrooms, this extra small clawfoot tub is crafted out of gorgeous antique hammered copper. Dimensions: 31-1/2" L X 18-1/4" W X 14" H.


6. A&E Turin Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

Looking to replace an alcove tub with a stand alone tub? This oval flatbottom bathtub by A&E Bath & Shower is ideal for small main bathrooms. By being slightly wider and slightly higher, this tub contains the same inside space as a bigger tub. Overall dimensions: 56” L x 29” W x 25” H.


5. Barclay Pearce Acrylic Freestanding Tub

This petite stand alone tub is made out of durable, lightweight acrylic. Tub dimensions: 51-1/4"L X 25-5/8"W X 23-1/4"H.


4. Barclay Cyrano Acrylic Clawfoot Tub

Customers love this extra small acrylic clawfoot tub for its vintage look and compact size. Dimensions: 43-1/2" L x 24-1/2" W x 28-1/2” H.


3. Barclay Edison 56” Resin Freestanding Tub

Constructed out of solid surface poly-resin with a silky finish, this modest-sized bathtub is easy to maintain. Add an air jet system to this stand alone tub to create a spa-like bathing experience. Dimensions: 56" L x 32" W x 24” H.


2. Barclay Addison Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub

This elegant roll top clawfoot tub offers a traditional aesthetic and space-saving design. According to one customer, “With the new renovation of an old farm house, there was not a lot of room for a large tub. However, this tub fits perfect.” Dimensions: 48" L X 30" W x 21-7/8” H (from floor to top of tub).


1. A&E Retro Small Freestanding Oval Tub Package

Our customers think the 56” A&E Retro Oval Freestanding Tub is the best small stand alone tub around – and we’d have to agree. It’s compact design and sleek, minimalist aesthetic is ideal for large and small bathrooms alike.


How Much Clearance Do You Need Around a Stand Alone Bathtub?

In general, you’ll need to leave at least 4-6” of space around all sides of a stand alone bathtub for cleaning, maintenance, safety, and accessibility. However, it's important to keep in mind that the exact amount of clearance required may vary based on factors such as the tub's design, your bathroom's layout, and local building codes and regulations.


How Do I Order a Stand Alone Bathtub?

Over the past decade, stand alone bathtubs have become so popular with homeowners that they are easy to find in big box stores and kitchen & bath showrooms across the country.

However, if you are looking for the perfect stand alone bathtub for your bathroom, browsing for tubs online can help save you both time and money. Each stand alone tub listed in our online catalog can be delivered directly to your home or job site! A family-owned company, Luxury Freestanding Tubs is proud to offer a price match guarantee and 100% Money-Back Guarantee for all products on our site, including premium stand alone tubs from Barclay, A&E Bath & Shower, Cambridge Plumbing, Kingston Brass, and Whitehaus Collection.

Learn more about our shipping policies or contact us for assistance with selecting the best stand alone bathtub for your bathroom.

by Cassidy Carr